Dream11 Super Smash T20 Live Cricket Score, Fixture, Points Table & Team Squad – 30 Dec 2020

Dream11 Super Smash T20 Live Score, Dream11 Super Smash T20 Live Scorecard, Dream11 Super Smash T20 Live Streaming, Super Smash T20 Match Results, Dream11 Super Smash T20 Points Table – New Zealand Domestic men’s T20 League Domestic Cricket Live Cricket Score & Dream11 Super Smash T20 Live Match Prediction Live Streaming and Match Highlight with myfinal11 – Total of six teams participating in this league and start from 24 Dec – 14 Feb 2021 as per Cricket schedule and here we will provide you live cricket score of Dream11 Super Smash T20 Live matches with daily match prediction Dream11 Fantasy Cricket Team.

Dream11 Super Smash T20 | Points Table

Dream11 Super Smash T20 | Match Schedule

Top Run Scorer

Top Wicket Takers

1. Danru Ferns228.08253/4316.4010.259.6
2. Matthew Bacon227.56643/1816.508.4211.7
3. Ed Nuttall114.01833/186.004.508.0
4. Matt Henry113.42533/258.336.817.3
5. Hamish Bennett228.04832/2016.006.0016.0
6. William Somerville228.08532/3428.3310.6216.0
7. Glenn Phillips114.02222/2211.005.5012.0
8. Blair Tickner114.03022/3015.007.5012.0
9. Joey Field114.03222/3216.008.0012.0
10. Peter Younghusband228.05421/2527.006.7524.0

Team Squad

Dream11 Super Smash T20: Team Squad

Wellington Team Squad

Tom Blundell, Lauchie Johns, Devon Conway, Michael Bracewell, Andrew Fletcher, Troy Johnson, Jakob Bhula, Fraser Colson, Jimmy Neesham, Rachin Ravindra, Finn Allen, Jamie Gibson, Logan van Beek, Hamish Bennett, Peter Younghusband, Iain McPeake, Ben Sears, Ollie Newton, Michael Snedden, James Hartshorn

Auckland Team Squad

Glenn Phillips, Ben Horne, Mark Chapman, Robert O’Donnell, William O’Donnell, Graeme Beghin, Danru Ferns, Sean Solia, Ryan Harrison, Benjamin Lister, William Somerville, Jamie Brown, Louis Delport, Matt McEwan, Ross ter Braak, Olly Pringle, Bradley Rodden

Central Districts Team Squad

Dane Cleaver, Bayley Wiggins, Tom Bruce, Christian Leopard, Greg Hay, Ben Smith, George Worker, Josh Clarkson, Doug Bracewell, Kieran Noema-Barnett, Blair Tickner, Ben Wheeler, Jayden Lennox, Seth Rance, Ajaz Patel, Raymond Toole, Joey Field, Felix Murray, BD Schmulian

Otago Team Squad

Max Chu, Mitch Renwick, Hamish Rutherford, Neil Broom, Nick Kelly, Dale Phillips, Josh Finnie, Anaru Kitchen, Michael Rippon, Nathan Smith, Jacob Duffy, Travis Muller, Michael Rae, Matthew Bacon, Jarrod McKay, Cam Hawkins, Llew Johnson, Mitchell McClenaghan

Canterbury Team Squad

Cam Fletcher, Chad Bowes, Jack Boyle, Leo Carter, Ken McClure, Tyler Lortan, Daryl Mitchell, Todd Astle, Cole McConchie, Ed Nuttall, Theo van Woerkom, Will Williams, Sean Davey, Fraser Sheat, Henry Shipley, Jackson Latham, Matt Henry, Matthew Hay

Northern Districts Team Squad

Awaiting Updates

Team Statistics – Player Performances

Canterbury Team Player Record & Performance (Yr 2020)

Top Run Scorers

1. Chad Bowes101013589539.77211169.6631441
2. Cam Fletcher108423265*58.00179129.602616
3. Jack Boyle1010123169*25.66204113.231325
4. Leo Carter108214770*24.50105140.001108
5. Cole McConchie109113149*16.37106123.58510
6. Stephen Murdoch991983212.2586113.9566
7. Henry Shipley106962716.0060160.00210
8. Andrew Ellis10616935*13.8068101.4714
9. Henry Nicholls11393939.0028139.2814
10. Todd Astle2113535*15233.336

Most Wicket Takers

1. Cole McConchie10935.0236123/1819.666.7417.5
2. Will Williams10928.1263125/1221.919.3314.01
3. Andrew Ellis10827.023592/3026.118.7018.0
4. Ed Nuttall10932.429172/2741.578.9028.0
5. Blake Coburn6518.016554/1733.009.1621.61
6. Henry Shipley10923.020942/2452.259.0834.5
7. Todd Astle228.04811/2248.006.0048.0

Central Districts Team Player Record & Performance (Yr 2020)

Top Run Scorers

1. Dane Cleaver10102788127.80200139.001926
2. Tom Bruce10102736727.30201135.8221120
3. George Worker10102586225.80192134.3711327
4. Josh Clarkson101022123626.50161131.67128
5. Kieran Noema-Barnett10102095820.90155134.8321412
6. Christian Leopard10101302713.00111117.11412
7. Willem Ludick1010512827*25.6089143.8266
8. Ben Wheeler863471215.6632146.8723
9. Seth Rance831321716.0020160.0014
10. Ajaz Patel10531487.009155.552

Most Wicket Takers

1. Ajaz Patel10934.5258153/2017.207.4013.9
2. Kieran Noema-Barnett10925.0180123/1015.007.2012.5
3. Blair Tickner9829.0286114/2626.009.8615.81
4. Ben Wheeler8830.324882/3031.008.1322.8
5. Ryan Watson5410.310362/1917.169.8010.5
6. Seth Rance8723.021342/4953.259.2634.5
7. Willem Ludick10611.09822/1549.008.9033.0
8. George Worker1037.05011/1850.007.1442.0

Wellington Team Players Record & Performance (Yr 2020)

Top Runs Scorer

1. Devon Conway11113543101*67.87374145.18151263
2. Michael Pollard111112917029.10223130.4931424
3. Jimmy Neesham98322947*45.80170134.70916
4. Rachin Ravindra1191863920.66129144.18619
5. Michael Bracewell11921493421.28144103.4728
6. Fraser Colson851913722.7569131.8846
7. Jamie Gibson116862814.3359145.7626
8. Tom Blundell22392519.5033118.1812
9. Malcolm Nofal7413416*11.333791.892
10. Logan van Beek11532615*13.0018144.4412

Most Wicket Takers

1. Hamish Bennett111140.3292173/2717.177.2014.2
2. Ollie Newton111141.0340165/4521.258.2915.31
3. Jimmy Neesham9820.117192/2419.008.4713.4
4. Logan van Beek111139.432593/2836.118.1926.4
5. Rachin Ravindra111136.028882/3036.008.0027.0
6. Jeetan Patel228.04653/169.205.759.6
7. Michael Bracewell1139.06352/512.607.0010.8
8. Malcolm Nofal769.07232/1324.008.0018.0
9. Peter Younghusband4310.07222/1636.007.2030.0

Auckland Team Player Record & Performance (Yr 2020)

Top Run Scorers

1. Martin Guptill1210140383*44.77283142.4021838
2. Mark Chapman1210222563*28.12161139.752816
3. Craig Cachopa12912236627.87162137.6511411
4. Colin Munro12102206822.00165133.331534
5. Glenn Phillips1191206106*25.75145142.061917
6. Corey Anderson9711292921.50107120.5694
7. Ronnie Hira1262603315.0044136.3635
8. Sean Solia731504525.0038131.5733
9. Robert O’Donnell4423727*18.5023160.8614
10. William Somerville8333021*28107.1411

Most Wicket Takers

1. Ronnie Hira121241.0329143/3023.508.0217.5
2. Mitchell McClenaghan121242.0398103/3239.809.4725.2
3. Kyle Jamieson6622.020783/3425.879.4016.5
4. Mark Chapman12721.014572/1720.716.9018.0
5. Benjamin Lister6618.116352/2632.608.9721.8
6. William Somerville8826.020853/2541.608.0031.2
7. Sean Solia7616.016741/3241.7510.4324.0
8. Ross ter Braak3310.09222/2346.009.2030.0
9. Colin Munro12714.012821/1164.009.1442.0

Otago Team Players Record & Performance (Yr 2020)

Top Runs Scorer

1. Nick Kelly111013988544.22285139.6441638
2. Neil Broom11113579332.45262136.2531832
3. Hamish Rutherford1111129381*29.30169173.3721730
4. Dean Foxcroft99526982*67.25198135.8511020
5. Josh Finnie119218371*26.14114160.521720
6. Anaru Kitchen11921414220.14102138.23411
7. Michael Rippon11744823*16.0039123.0723
8. Nathan Smith62282214.0021133.3312
9. Dale Phillips3212825*28.0026107.6912
10. Jacob Duffy11322110*21.0014150.0011

Most Wicket Takers

1. Nathan Smith6519.2179115/1416.279.2510.51
2. Jacob Duffy111037.5306112/2727.818.0820.6
3. Michael Rae111034.3319113/2329.009.2418.8
4. Michael Rippon111039.030982/2038.627.9229.2
5. Anaru Kitchen111031.024752/2049.407.9637.2
6. Travis Muller228.07132/2923.668.8716.0
7. Dean Foxcroft9715.015231/1050.6610.1330.0
8. Matthew Bacon227.06121/2930.508.7121.0

Northern Districts Team Players Record & Performance (Yr 2020)

Top Runs Scorer

1. Tim Seifert983237540.37225143.5531433
2. Daryl Mitchell10812195831.28149146.971915
3. Anton Devcich1092085723.11140148.572528
4. Brett Hampton1091505216.66133112.78179
5. Dean Brownlie1091495516.55112133.031319
6. Scott Kuggeleijn107210535*21.0074141.8948
7. Daniel Flynn1093872914.5063138.0936
8. Joe Carter862835520.7563131.74145
9. Peter Bocock331381819.0024158.3314
10. Anurag Verma105127136.7521128.5712

Most Wicket Takers

1. Anurag Verma101039.0331143/2923.648.4816.7
2. Brett Randell8828.0257113/2923.369.1715.2
3. Daryl Mitchell10820.0190104/3219.009.5012.01
4. Ish Sodhi101038.5294103/1229.407.5723.3
5. Scott Kuggeleijn101039.036693/3040.669.3826.0
6. Anton Devcich10928.026441/2466.009.4242.0
7. Matthew Fisher225.06511/4665.0013.0030.0
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