Dream11 Women’s Super Smash T20 Live Cricket Score, Fixture, Points Table & Team Squad – 30 Dec 2020

Dream11 Women’s Super Smash T20 Live Score, Dream11 Women’s Super Smash T20 Live Scorecard, Dream11 Women’s Super Smash T20 Live Streaming, Women’s Super Smash T20 Match Results, Dream11 Women’s Super Smash T20 Points Table – New Zealand Domestic Women’s T20 League Domestic Cricket Live Cricket Score & Dream11 Women’s Super Smash T20 Live Match Prediction Live Streaming and Match Highlight with myfinal11 – Total of six teams participating in this league and start from 24 Dec – 14 Feb 2021 as per Cricket schedule and here we will provide you live cricket score of Dream11 Women’s Super Smash T20 Live matches with daily match prediction Dream11 Fantasy Cricket Team.

Dream11 Women’s Super Smash T20 | Points Table | Match Results

Dream11 Women’s Super Smash T20 | Points Table

Dream11 Women’s Super Smash T20 Todays Match Live Score, Fixture, & Results

Dream11 Women’s Super Smash T20 | Match Schedule


1. Polly Inglis22836241.5083100.001111
2. Amelia Kerr2227858*46169.56114
3. Anna Peterson22686834.0052130.76119
4. Amy Satterthwaite1115656*40140.0019
5. Maddy Green2225230*46113.0414
6. Saachi Shahri221482948.0039123.077
7. Rebecca Burns22454222.505188.2323
8. Katie Perkins22402520.004197.565
9. Natalie Cox11292929.003290.622
10. Bella James22282414.002996.552


Team Statistics

Canterbury Women’s Team Player Record & Performance

Top Run Scorers

1. Frances Mackay87156911594.8373877.104171
2. Natalie Cox9922866540.8637775.863529
3. Jacinta Savage9912275428.3837560.53227
4. Ella Chandler981535719.1330650.00112
5. Kirsty Nation8811062915.1413976.2615
6. Melissa Banks964774638.5059130.5110
7. Allie Mace-Cochrane771683811.3313351.131
8. Laura Hughes9767349.5711956.304
9. Gabby Sullivan96227126.754165.8513
10. Emma Kench221241524.003568.571

Most Wicket Takers

1. Frances Mackay8874217134/2016.692.9334.151
2. Sarah Asmussen9959304134/2323.385.1527.231
3. Gabby Sullivan9970282103/3028.204.0342.00
4. Jessica Simmons9966.4287103/1728.704.3140.00
5. Jacinta Savage9962.2316104/4131.605.0737.401
6. Melissa Banks995120772/529.574.0643.71
7. Kristy Havill1182322/2311.502.8824.00

Central Districts Women’s Team Player Record & Performance

Top Run Scorers

1. Natalie Dodd9913858648.1367656.95330
2. Jess Watkin9938515842.78375102.6712648
3. Hannah Rowe9812284532.5734765.7112
4. Kerry-Anne Tomlinson9911254415.6328044.6418
5. Anlo van Deventer9921103515.7115272.37112
6. Esther Lanser761094518.1714177.3010
7. Mikaela Greig97732110.438486.9013
8. Melissa Hansen765641764.007190.142
9. Monique Rees643522152.0048108.335
10. Rosemary Mair54462711.506373.023

Most Wicket Takers

1. Hannah Rowe9975.1315113/1728.644.1941.00
2. Melissa Hansen774718893/1920.894.0031.33
3. Jess Watkin997628263/2847.003.7176.00
4. Monique Rees6627.210842/627.003.9541.00
5. Claudia Green5422.28732/3129.003.9044.67
6. Rosemary Mair543812533/2141.673.2976.00
7. Kate Baxter54148011/1480.005.7184.00
8. Mikaela Greig972211111/22111.005.05132.00
9. Georgia Atkinson641910011/29100.005.26114.00

Wellington Women’s Team Players Record & Performance

Top Runs Scorer

1. Jessica McFadyen99340015366.6755072.731136
2. Rebecca Burns6611967239.2021591.162424
3. Thamsyn Newton9711855230.8327467.52111
4. Liz Perry541095527.2517163.7416
5. Caitlin King97812111.5717346.827
6. Leigh Kasperek32777538.5012263.1118
7. Georgia Plimmer552672322.3315144.373
8. M Singh532624762.007483.788
9. Priyanaz Chatterji43504216.677566.674
10. Xara Jetly963441914.678551.762

Most Wicket Takers

1. Leigh Kasperek332813273/5618.864.7124.00
2. Jess Kerr554321974/3731.295.0936.861
3. Xara Jetly996727173/3538.714.0457.43
4. Deanna Doughty997537171/2253.004.9564.29
5. Priyanaz Chatterji44249752/819.404.0428.80
6. Maneka Singh4431.510843/1427.003.3947.75
7. Bethany Molony884518941/2047.254.2067.50
8. Thamsyn Newton94117232/1524.006.5522.00
9. Natasha Codyre4419.510633/5035.335.3439.67
10. M Singh554417431/1558.003.9588.00

Auckland Women’s Team Player Record & Performance

Top Run Scorers

1. Katie Perkins77332910182.2537088.921231
2. Arlene Kelly117227311054.6035876.261130
3. Lauren Down7712619043.5030286.422325
4. Saachi Shahri111012335325.8936563.84127
5. Anna Peterson75116610241.5019186.91116
6. Regina Lili’i11611426328.4022962.0117
7. Natasha van Tilburg66963516.0022742.2913
8. Holly Huddleston743682968.008183.952
9. Bella Armstrong1152472115.679847.961
10. Tariel Lamb1131382019.007848.722

Most Wicket Takers

1. Bella Armstrong111191.2359247/1814.963.9322.8321
2. Anna Peterson7759.2216114/4319.643.6432.361
3. Holly Huddleston775923083/4228.753.9044.25
4. Fran Jonas6538.514873/4621.143.8133.29
5. J Barnett432010463/3517.335.2020.00
6. Roz McNeill8742.522252/5744.405.1851.40
7. Jesse Prasad4318.19942/4224.755.4527.25
8. Arlene Kelly111181.431531/34105.003.86163.33

Otago Team Women’s Players Record & Performance

Top Runs Scorer

1. Hayley Jensen5512338358.2526587.923127
2. Caitlin Blakely9912177527.1348045.21215
3. EJ Carson9911145114.2517565.14111
4. Bella James771126016.0024944.98115
5. Millie Cowan33877729.0010285.2919
6. Sophie Gray8871368.8816942.016
7. Olivia Gain8844175.5016926.044
8. Ella Brown88143186.1410740.193
9. Marina Lamplough763402013.336858.824
10. Georgia Clarke33382712.678246.34

Most Wicket Takers

1. Emma Black9960.3267103/3426.704.4136.30
2. Hayley Jensen553212685/4015.753.9424.001
3. Sophie Oldershaw763816585/1920.634.3428.501
4. EJ Carson9945.323242/5158.005.1068.25
5. Megan Meltzer33147822/5439.005.5742.00
6. Bhagya Herath8839.220021/44100.005.08118.00
7. Georgia Clarke3254011/2140.008.0030.00
8. Ella Brown862917111/54171.005.90174.00
9. Marina Lamplough7735.320511/15205.005.77213.00

Dream11 Women’s Super Smash T20: Team Squad

Wellington Women Team Squad

Jessica McFadyen, Maddy Green, Rebecca Burns, Caitlin King, Georgia Plimmer, Sophie Devine, Amelia Kerr, Olivia Boivin, Thamsyn Newton, Leigh Kasperek, Deanna Doughty, Jess Kerr, Xara Jetly, Bethany Molony, Maneka Singh, Natasha Codyre

Auckland Women Team Squad

Sarah Carnachan, Tariel Lamb, Natasha van Tilburg, Katie Perkins, Lauren Down, Saachi Shahri, Regina Lili’i, Yaz kareem, Izzy Gaze, Bella Armstrong, Anna Peterson, Jesse Prasad, Arlene Kelly, Molly Penfold, Skye Bowden, Fran Jonas, Roz McNeill, Amie Hucker, Brady Barnett, Holly Huddleston

Central Districts Team Squad

Natalie Dodd, Emily Cunningham, Kerry-Anne Tomlinson, Anlo van Deventer, Esther Lanser, Jess Watkin, Hannah Rowe, Mikaela Greig, Ashtuti Kumar, Rosemary Mair, Monique Rees, Melissa Hansen, Claudia Green, Georgia Atkinson

Otago Team Squad

Katey Martin, Polly Inglis, Caitlin Blakely, Millie Cowan, Bella James, Olivia Gain, Suzie Bates, Hayley Jensen, Saffron Wilson, Gemma Adams, Emma Black, Sophie Oldershaw, Bhagya Herath, Marina Lamplough, Eden Carson, Molly Loe

Canterbury Team Squad

Awaiting Updates

Northern Districts Team Squad

Awaiting Updates

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