Hong Kong T20 Live Score, Matches, scorecard, results, points table & squad

Hong Kong T20, Match Results, Points Table, Team Squad, Dream11 Match Prediction – Hong Kong T20 Live Cricket Score & Hong Kong T20 Live Streaming – Match Highlight with myfinal11 – Total Four teams participating in this league and start from 19 Sep – 01 Oct 2021 as per schedule under Hong Kong Cricket and here we will provide you live cricket score of Hong Kong T20 Live matches with daily match prediction Dream11 fantasy Cricket Team.

Hong Kong T20 | Match Schedule

Hong Kong T20 | Points Table

Hong Kong T20 | Team Stats

Pakistan Association of Hong Kong Team Player Stats, Record Hong Kong T20 Tournament


PlayerMATINNS RUNS AVG SR100s50s6s4s
Babar Hayat44 186 46.50 129.1711213
Tanwir Afzal44 57 28.50 190.0061
Zeeshan Ali44 49 12.25 92.4513
Yasim Murtaza44 38 9.50 88.3724
Anas Khan43 37 18.50 176.1941
Hamed Khan44 32 8.00 59.262
Daniyal Bukhari44 23 7.67 79.3112
Balal Muhammad33 22 7.33 84.623
Manjinder Singh43 21 7.00 65.6321
Ehtesham42 12 12 60.00


Anas Khan4 16.09584/1311.885.9412.001
Yasim Murtaza4 15.011583/3114.387.6711.25
Hassan Khan Mohammad4 13.014752/3029.4011.3115.60
Daniyal Bukhari4 14.07942/1619.755.6421.001
Tanwir Afzal4 14.06922/1434.504.9342.001
Hamed Khan4 2.03711/3737.0018.5012.00

Hong Kong Cricket Club Team Player Stats, Record Hong Kong T20 Tournament


PlayerMATINNS RUNS AVG SR100s50s6s4s
Martin Coetzee55 294 73.50 173.96121633
Kinchit Shah55 175 35.00 117.452914
Nizakat Khan22 74 37.00 160.87172
Ryan Buckley43 54 27.00 122.7334
Luke Jones54 52 26.00 157.5836
Ninad Shah44 39 9.75 81.2524
Jack Metters33 34 34.00 200.0022
Adit Gorawara22 27 13.50 93.1012
Rory Cains53 26 13.00 74.293
Haroon Arshed44 24 8.00 80.002


Luke Jones5 15.013593/1815.009.0010.00
Kinchit Shah5 15.08073/1711.435.3312.86
Adil Mehmood4 11.27653/2415.206.7113.60
Haroon Arshed4 14.412342/1830.758.3922.00
Elliot Scrivener5 18.013641/2034.007.5627.00
Martin Versfeld4 12.39531/1931.677.6025.00
Charlie Wallis2 7.04822/1824.006.8621.00

Kowloon Cricket Club Team Player Stats, Record Hong Kong T20 Tournament


Aizaz Khan5511748143.50144120.831813
Rory Cox441285832.00112114.291214
Simandeep Singh551046720.80104100.00183
Jamie Atkinson5511034425.7590114.4476
Christopher Carter552622720.6747131.9134
Waqas Barkat55561711.205896.554
Jay Davidson553262113.0022118.182


Dan Pascoe5519.092103/119.204.8411.40
Jay Davidson5517.511094/2012.226.1711.8911
Aizaz Khan5515.18774/1012.435.7413.001
Ahan Trivedi523.22253/224.406.604.00
Waqas Barkat5410.08242/2620.508.2015.00
Ateeq Iqbal5518.011441/1628.506.3327.001
Ashley Caddy436.05011/2150.008.3336.00

Diasqua Little Sai Wan Cricket Club Team Player Stats, Record Hong Kong T20 Tournament


Ehsan Khan4421637281.5099164.652126
Waqas Khan44895322.2582108.54164
Ehsan Ayaz33634421.0043146.5156
Aftab Hussain441623720.6748129.1762
Mohammad Ishaq44523013.006876.4716
Upul Rupasinghe33362312.0036100.003
Ikram Hussain33342511.334280.9512
Mohammad Ghazanfar431221311.0015146.6712
Tanveer Ahmed431201810.0012166.672


Ehsan Khan4416.012373/4017.577.6913.71
Aftab Hussain4415.09532/2731.676.3330.00
Tanveer Ahmed4412.013133/2843.6710.9224.00
Abdul Urslan112.01522/157.507.506.00
Mohammad Ghazanfar4415.011121/1355.507.4045.00
Mohsin Khan4415.013021/2265.008.6745.00
Dhananjay Rao223.12711/2327.008.5319.00

Hong Kong T20 | Team Squad

Hong Kong T20 Team Squad – Live Cricket Score, Fixture, Points Table & Dream11 Prediction

Pakistan Association of Hong Kong Squad

Zeeshan Ali, Manjinder Singh, Hamed Khan, Aliyaan Zahir Mohammad, Rawaid Etesham, Hassan Khan Mohammad, Tanwir Afzal, Abdul Rauf, Mohammad Waheed, Ali Naeem, Anas Khan, Mohammad Huzafah, Hafeez Khan

Hong Kong Cricket Club Squad

Adit Gorawara, Quentin Painter, Martin Coetzee, Ryan Buckley, Ninad Shah, Haroon Arshed, Kinchit Shah, Luke Jones, Nizakat Khan, Ayush Shukla, Elliot Scrivener, Martin Versfeld, Charlie Wallis, Adil Mehmood

Kowloon Cricket Club Squad

Christopher Carter, Babar Hayat, Jamie Atkinson, Simandeep Singh, Parth Bhagwat, Devang Bulsara, Sunny Bhimsaria, Muhammad Khan, Samir Shahi, Aizaz Khan, Waqas Barkat, Jason Davidson, Ateeq Iqbal, Daniel Pascoe, Ahan Trivedi, Ashley Caddy, Vikas Sharma, Charlie Walsh, Tom Hyusingha

Diasqua Little Sai Wan Cricket Club Squad

Upul Rupasinghe, Ehsan Ayaz, Mehran Zeb, Ehsan Khan, Munir Dar, Tanveer Ahmed, Mohsin Khan, Dhananjay Rao, Bilal Akhtar, Ansh Doshi, Ibraheem Mohammad, Nathan Kelaart, Mohammad Jaffar, D Mangukiya


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