LEI vs SUS Live Score scorecard Leicestershire vs Sussex Live Cricket Score 21st Match, County Championship

County Championship , May 12, 2022
210/10 (83.4) & 333/9 (136)
450/10 (126.3)
Match drawn
Leicestershire 1st inningLEI 1st inn.210/10 (83.4 ov)
Hasan Azadrunout (TP Alsop)30885034.09
runout (TP Alsop)
Sam Evansc Tom Clark b Henry Crocombe10411024.39
c Tom Clark b Henry Crocombe
Rishi Patelc Tom Clark b AP Beard26564046.42
c Tom Clark b AP Beard
Colin Ackermann (C)b TJ Haines11352031.42
b TJ Haines
Lewis Hillc Archie Lenham b Henry Crocombe35364097.22
c Archie Lenham b Henry Crocombe
Wiaan Mulderc Oliver Carter b DMW Rawlins16412039.02
c Oliver Carter b DMW Rawlins
Harry Swindells (WK)lbw b DMW Rawlins180012.50
lbw b DMW Rawlins
Ben Mikec TP Alsop b AP Beard09000.00
c TP Alsop b AP Beard
Callum ParkinsonNot out32900035.55
Not out
Chris Wrightlbw b Henry Crocombe18583031.03
lbw b Henry Crocombe
Beuran Hendricksc DMW Rawlins b AP Beard6410014.63
c DMW Rawlins b AP Beard
Extra25 (b 11, w 0, nb 2, lb 12)
Total210/10 (83.4)
Ollie Robinson11000.00
Aaron Beard16.425833.48
Sean Hunt1363202.46
Henry Crocombe1833732.05
Tom Haines1152011.81
Delray Rawlins1862821.55
Archie Lenham611202.00
Fall of wickets: 1-35 (ST Evans - 16.4 ov), 2-69 (Hasan Azad - 27.6 ov), 3-78 (RK Patel - 32.5 ov), 4-104 (Colin Ackermann - 39.5 ov), 5-124 (LJ Hill - 44.3 ov), 6-129 (HJ Swindells - 47.5 ov), 7-138 (BWM Mike - 50.5 ov), 8-144 (Wiaan Mulder - 53.2 ov), 9-193 (CJC Wright - 74.5 ov), 10-210 (Beuran Hendricks - 83.4 ov)
Sussex 1st inningSUS 1st inn.450/10 (126.3 ov)
Tom Alsopc Wiaan Mulder b CF Parkinson10401025.00
c Wiaan Mulder b CF Parkinson
Tom Haines (C)b Wiaan Mulder504580111.11
b Wiaan Mulder
Tom Clarkc BWM Mike b CF Parkinson13826218052.67
c BWM Mike b CF Parkinson
Cheteshwar Pujaralbw b BWM Mike370042.85
lbw b BWM Mike
Oliver Carter (WK)b Colin Ackermann7213310254.13
b Colin Ackermann
Delray Rawlinsc RK Patel b CJC Wright26582144.82
c RK Patel b CJC Wright
Archie Lenhamc HJ Swindells b CJC Wright481046046.15
c HJ Swindells b CJC Wright
Ollie Robinsonrunout (Colin Ackermann)26553047.27
runout (Colin Ackermann)
Aaron Beardb Wiaan Mulder25412060.97
b Wiaan Mulder
Henry Crocombec CJC Wright b CF Parkinson11191057.89
c CJC Wright b CF Parkinson
Sean HuntNot out01000.00
Not out
Extra41 (b 12, w 2, nb 12, lb 15)
Total450/10 (126.3)
Chris Wright2648723.34
Beuran Hendricks2028104.05
Callum Parkinson2949833.37
Wiaan Mulder17.384922.80
Ben Mike1928114.26
Colin Ackermann1532711.80
Fall of wickets: 1-39 (TP Alsop - 9.5 ov), 2-81 (TJ Haines - 20.1 ov), 3-96 (CA Pujara - 23.1 ov), 4-236 (Oliver Carter - 63.5 ov), 5-296 (DMW Rawlins - 81.4 ov), 6-381 (Tom Clark - 101.6 ov), 7-399 (Archie Lenham - 112.5 ov), 8-419 (Ollie Robinson - 120.2 ov), 9-446 (Henry Crocombe - 125.5 ov), 10-450 (AP Beard - 126.3 ov)
Leicestershire 2nd inningLEI 2nd inn.333/9 (136 ov)
Hasan Azadlbw b Archie Lenham541117048.64
lbw b Archie Lenham
Sam Evanslbw b Henry Crocombe6231026.08
lbw b Henry Crocombe
Rishi Patelc TP Alsop b Archie Lenham682097132.53
c TP Alsop b Archie Lenham
Colin Ackermann (C)b Archie Lenham5121041.66
b Archie Lenham
Lewis Hilllbw b Archie Lenham01000.00
lbw b Archie Lenham
Wiaan Mulderlbw b DMW Rawlins36553165.45
lbw b DMW Rawlins
Harry Swindells (WK)c AP Beard b DMW Rawlins571786132.02
c AP Beard b DMW Rawlins
Ben Mikec CA Pujara b Ollie Robinson9171052.94
c CA Pujara b Ollie Robinson
Callum Parkinsonb DMW Rawlins451765025.56
b DMW Rawlins
Chris WrightNot out5221022.72
Not out
Beuran HendricksNot out6151040.00
Not out
Extra42 (b 15, w 7, nb 6, lb 14)
Total333/9 (136)
Ollie Robinson2084512.25
Aaron Beard1543402.26
Henry Crocombe1983311.73
Delray Rawlins34127232.11
Sean Hunt1653001.87
Archie Lenham2948442.89
Tom Haines31602.00
Fall of wickets: 1-18 (ST Evans - 6.6 ov), 2-94 (Hasan Azad - 35.3 ov), 3-108 (Colin Ackermann - 39.5 ov), 4-108 (LJ Hill - 39.6 ov), 5-173 (Wiaan Mulder - 57.6 ov), 6-196 (RK Patel - 77.1 ov), 7-209 (BWM Mike - 82.1 ov), 8-320 (HJ Swindells - 127.5 ov), 9-324 (CF Parkinson - 130.6 ov)
Man of the Match
Match Details
2022-05-12 15:30 PM
Grace Road, Leicester, Leicester
Leicestershire won the toss & elected to bat
  • Tom Lungley
  • Neil Mallender
Tv Umpires
    Match Referee
    • Phil Whitticase
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