NOR vs GLO Live Score scorecard Northamptonshire vs Gloucestershire Live Cricket Score Division 1, County Championship

County Championship , April 07, 2022
288/10 (77.1) & 272/8 (81.5)
223/10 (70.4) & 363/10 (107.2)
Match drawn
Gloucestershire 1st inningGLO 1st inn.223/10 (70.4 ov)
Ben Charlesworthb BW Sanderson6310019.35
b BW Sanderson
Chris Dentc Emilio Gay b GK Berg07000.00
c Emilio Gay b GK Berg
James Bracey (WK)c SA Zaib b NL Buck11720914155.98
c SA Zaib b NL Buck
Graeme van Buuren (C)lbw b BW Sanderson5200025.00
lbw b BW Sanderson
Miles Hammondc Emilio Gay b TAI Taylor15192078.94
c Emilio Gay b TAI Taylor
Ryan Higginslbw b BW Sanderson28315090.32
lbw b BW Sanderson
Tom Lacec LD McManus b BW Sanderson7251028.00
c LD McManus b BW Sanderson
Zafar Goharc LD McManus b GK Berg2130015.38
c LD McManus b GK Berg
Matt Taylorc R Vasconcelos b NL Buck11301036.66
c R Vasconcelos b NL Buck
Naseem Shahc Emilio Gay b RI Keogh19402147.50
c Emilio Gay b RI Keogh
Ajeet DaleNot out02000.00
Not out
Extra13 (b 0, w 0, nb 6, lb 7)
Total223/10 (70.4)
Ben Sanderson2546642.64
Gareth Berg2043921.95
Nathan Buck13.426324.60
Tom Taylor933213.55
Rob Keogh311615.33
Fall of wickets: 1-2 (Chris Dent - 1.6 ov), 2-10 (Ben Charlesworth - 8.4 ov), 3-24 (Graeme van Buuren - 16.6 ov), 4-42 (Miles Hammond - 22.3 ov), 5-74 (Ryan Higgins - 30.5 ov), 6-98 (Tom Lace - 36.5 ov), 7-103 (Zafar Gohar - 39.6 ov), 8-143 (Matt Taylor - 51.4 ov), 9-223 (Naseem Shah - 69.4 ov), 10-223 (James Bracey - 70.4 ov)
Northamptonshire 1st inningNOR 1st inn.288/10 (77.1 ov)
Ricardo Vasconcelos (C)c James Bracey b Ryan Higgins490044.44
c James Bracey b Ryan Higgins
Emilio Gayc James Bracey b Naseem Shah18433041.86
c James Bracey b Naseem Shah
Ben Curranc Graeme van Buuren b Ryan Higgins9102090.00
c Graeme van Buuren b Ryan Higgins
Saif Zaibc Chris Dent b Ryan Higgins02000.00
c Chris Dent b Ryan Higgins
Rob Keoghc Miles Hammond b Ben Charlesworth11318012062.77
c Miles Hammond b Ben Charlesworth
Josh Cobbc James Bracey b Ajeet Dale18312058.06
c James Bracey b Ajeet Dale
Lewis McManus (WK)c James Bracey b Matt Taylor15312048.38
c James Bracey b Matt Taylor
Tom Taylorc James Bracey b Ryan Higgins05000.00
c James Bracey b Ryan Higgins
Gareth Bergc Matt Taylor b Zafar Gohar661189055.93
c Matt Taylor b Zafar Gohar
Nathan Bucklbw b Ajeet Dale13312041.93
lbw b Ajeet Dale
Ben SandersonNot out4121033.33
Not out
Extra28 (b 5, w 0, nb 18, lb 5)
Total288/10 (77.1)
Ryan Higgins1726844.00
Matt Taylor1635213.25
Naseem Shah1114113.72
Ajeet Dale12.105324.35
Zafar Gohar1123112.81
Graeme van Buuren401303.25
Ben Charlesworth612013.33
Fall of wickets: 1-10 (R Vasconcelos - 2.2 ov), 2-22 (BJ Curran - 4.4 ov), 3-22 (SA Zaib - 4.6 ov), 4-56 (Emilio Gay - 13.5 ov), 5-96 (JJ Cobb - 21.6 ov), 6-128 (LD McManus - 33.2 ov), 7-129 (TAI Taylor - 34.2 ov), 8-266 (GK Berg - 67.6 ov), 9-278 (RI Keogh - 74.3 ov), 10-288 (NL Buck - 77.1 ov)
Gloucestershire 2nd inningGLO 2nd inn.363/10 (107.2 ov)
Ben Charlesworthlbw b BW Sanderson04000.00
lbw b BW Sanderson
Chris Dentlbw b GK Berg541175046.15
lbw b GK Berg
James Bracey (WK)c BJ Curran b GK Berg8250032.00
c BJ Curran b GK Berg
Graeme van Buuren (C)lbw b GK Berg561083.33
lbw b GK Berg
Miles Hammondc BJ Curran b BW Sanderson114007.14
c BJ Curran b BW Sanderson
Ryan Higginslbw b BW Sanderson13921310165.25
lbw b BW Sanderson
Tom Lacec & b Emilio Gay731516048.34
c & b Emilio Gay
Zafar Goharlbw b NL Buck53966055.20
lbw b NL Buck
Matt Taylorc LD McManus b BW Sanderson380037.50
c LD McManus b BW Sanderson
Naseem Shahc SA Zaib b BW Sanderson7101070.00
c SA Zaib b BW Sanderson
Ajeet DaleNot out1100100.00
Not out
Extra19 (b 4, w 0, nb 2, lb 13)
Total363/10 (107.2)
Ben Sanderson24.256652.71
Gareth Berg1635233.25
Tom Taylor2017003.50
Nathan Buck2419013.75
Rob Keogh1313002.30
Saif Zaib201105.50
Emilio Gay401213.00
Josh Cobb401503.75
Fall of wickets: 1-0 (Ben Charlesworth - 0.4 ov), 2-11 (James Bracey - 7.3 ov), 3-17 (Graeme van Buuren - 9.2 ov), 4-21 (Miles Hammond - 13.5 ov), 5-98 (Chris Dent - 35.6 ov), 6-263 (Tom Lace - 78.3 ov), 7-341 (Ryan Higgins - 101.6 ov), 8-345 (Matt Taylor - 103.5 ov), 9-355 (Zafar Gohar - 106.2 ov), 10-363 (Naseem Shah - 107.2 ov)
Northamptonshire 2nd inningNOR 2nd inn.272/8 (81.5 ov)
Ricardo Vasconcelos (C)c James Bracey b Matt Taylor26474055.31
c James Bracey b Matt Taylor
Emilio Gayc James Bracey b Matt Taylor17901018.88
c James Bracey b Matt Taylor
Ben Curranlbw b Zafar Gohar18502036.00
lbw b Zafar Gohar
Saif Zaibc Miles Hammond b Ryan Higgins6510110064.35
c Miles Hammond b Ryan Higgins
Rob Keoghc Graeme van Buuren b Zafar Gohar741014173.26
c Graeme van Buuren b Zafar Gohar
Josh Cobbc Ryan Higgins b Zafar Gohar36521169.23
c Ryan Higgins b Zafar Gohar
Lewis McManus (WK)c Ben Charlesworth b Ryan Higgins15191078.94
c Ben Charlesworth b Ryan Higgins
Tom TaylorNot out7220031.81
Not out
Gareth Bergc Ben Charlesworth b Ryan Higgins01000.00
c Ben Charlesworth b Ryan Higgins
Nathan BuckNot out190011.11
Not out
Extra13 (b 8, w 2, nb 2, lb 1)
Total272/8 (81.5)
Ryan Higgins22.584732.05
Matt Taylor1454923.50
Zafar Gohar27210733.96
Graeme van Buuren401303.25
Miles Hammond20904.50
Ajeet Dale923203.55
Ben Charlesworth31602.00
Fall of wickets: 1-35 (R Vasconcelos - 16.5 ov), 2-53 (Emilio Gay - 26.4 ov), 3-80 (BJ Curran - 34.5 ov), 4-169 (SA Zaib - 56.1 ov), 5-233 (RI Keogh - 71.2 ov), 6-262 (JJ Cobb - 75.6 ov), 7-265 (LD McManus - 77.2 ov), 8-265 (GK Berg - 77.3 ov)
Man of the Match
Match Details
2022-04-07 15:30 PM
County Ground, Northampton
Northamptonshire won the toss & elected to field
  • Tom Lungley
  • James Middlebrook
Tv Umpires
    Match Referee
    • Will Smith

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