WAR vs NWD Live Score scorecard Warriors vs North West Dragons Live Cricket Score Division 1, 4-Day Franchise Series

4-Day Franchise Series , November 24, 2022
381/10 (111) & 177/5d (57.3)
North West Dragons
116/10 (41.5) & 203/8 (39.5)
WAR won by 239 runs
Warriors 1st inningWAR 1st inn.381/10 (111 ov)
Kyle Jacobsc L Senokwane b Renaldo Meyer481316136.64
c L Senokwane b Renaldo Meyer
Jordan Hermannrunout (Heino Kuhn)484190117.07
runout (Heino Kuhn)
Lesiba Ngoepeb Renaldo Meyer32704045.71
b Renaldo Meyer
Matthew BreetzkeNot out1122339148.06
Not out
Rudi Second (WK/C)c NJ van den Bergh b D Jansen6200030.00
c NJ van den Bergh b D Jansen
Diego Rosierc WB Marshall b S Muthusamy801367058.82
c WB Marshall b S Muthusamy
Marco Jansenc NJ van den Bergh b Renaldo Meyer6111054.54
c NJ van den Bergh b Renaldo Meyer
Beyers Swanepoelc WB Marshall b Renaldo Meyer242050120.00
c WB Marshall b Renaldo Meyer
Tsepo Ndwandwac & b Renaldo Meyer011000.00
c & b Renaldo Meyer
Mthiwekhaya Nabelbw b D Potgieter03000.00
lbw b D Potgieter
Ziyaad Abrahamsc NJ van den Bergh b D Potgieter03000.00
c NJ van den Bergh b D Potgieter
Extra25 (b 0, w 5, nb 13, lb 7)
Total381/10 (111)
Duan Jansen2247613.45
Delano Potgieter2737022.59
Lwandiswa Zuma2037703.85
Renaldo Meyer2319053.91
Senuran Muthusamy1916113.21
Fall of wickets: 1-68 (Jordan Hermann - 13.4 ov), 2-141 (LC Ngoepe - 38.1 ov), 3-145 (K Jacobs - 40.3 ov), 4-156 (RS Second - 47.3 ov), 5-331 (DS Rosier - 97.6 ov), 6-339 (M Jansen - 101.1 ov), 7-367 (B Swanepoel - 105.1 ov), 8-370 (Tsepo Ndwandwa - 107.4 ov), 9-371 (M Nabe - 108.5 ov), 10-381 (Z Abrahams - 110.6 ov)
North West Dragons 1st inningNWD 1st inn.116/10 (41.5 ov)
Lesego Senokwanec B Swanepoel b Z Abrahams21394053.84
c B Swanepoel b Z Abrahams
Grant Mokoenab M Jansen190011.11
b M Jansen
Wesley Marshallb B Swanepoel10242041.66
b B Swanepoel
Nicky van den Bergh (WK/C)c Tsepo Ndwandwa b B Swanepoel53999053.53
c Tsepo Ndwandwa b B Swanepoel
Senuran Muthusamyc DS Rosier b B Swanepoel020000.00
c DS Rosier b B Swanepoel
Heino Kuhnb Z Abrahams6281021.42
b Z Abrahams
Khanya Cotanirunout (K Jacobs)3250012.00
runout (K Jacobs)
Delano Potgieterc RS Second b M Jansen140025.00
c RS Second b M Jansen
Duan Jansenc M Jansen b B Swanepoel360050.00
c M Jansen b B Swanepoel
Renaldo Meyerlbw b M Jansen02000.00
lbw b M Jansen
Lwandiswa ZumaNot out00000.00
Not out
Extra18 (b 0, w 5, nb 5, lb 8)
Total116/10 (41.5)
Marco Jansen1434032.85
Beyers Swanepoel11.531941.60
Ziyaad Abrahams813624.50
Tsepo Ndwandwa41300.75
Mthiwekhaya Nabe411002.50
Fall of wickets: 1-16 (TG Mokoena - 4.1 ov), 2-40 (L Senokwane - 10.5 ov), 3-42 (WB Marshall - 11.4 ov), 4-61 (S Muthusamy - 18.3 ov), 5-81 (Heino Kuhn - 26.4 ov), 6-109 (K Cotani - 37.3 ov), 7-110 (D Potgieter - 38.3 ov), 8-113 (D Jansen - 39.5 ov), 9-116 (Renaldo Meyer - 40.6 ov), 10-116 (NJ van den Bergh - 41.5 ov)
Warriors 2nd inningWAR 2nd inn.177/5 (57.3 ov)
Kyle Jacobsc NJ van den Bergh b D Potgieter113007.69
c NJ van den Bergh b D Potgieter
Jordan Hermannc & b WB Marshall641118157.65
c & b WB Marshall
Lesiba Ngoepelbw b D Potgieter2190010.52
lbw b D Potgieter
Matthew Breetzkec NJ van den Bergh b S Muthusamy9114315063.63
c NJ van den Bergh b S Muthusamy
Rudi Second (WK/C)lbw b D Potgieter10580017.24
lbw b D Potgieter
Diego RosierNot out150020.00
Not out
Extra8 (b 0, w 2, nb 4, lb 2)
Total177/5 (57.3)
Delano Potgieter1552631.73
Renaldo Meyer723605.14
Senuran Muthusamy24.365912.40
Lwandiswa Zuma2.402609.75
Wesley Marshall8.202813.36
Fall of wickets: 1-8 (K Jacobs - 2.6 ov), 2-13 (LC Ngoepe - 8.6 ov), 3-133 (Jordan Hermann - 36.3 ov), 4-171 (RS Second - 54.5 ov), 5-177 (MP Breetzke - 57.3 ov)
North West Dragons 2nd inningNWD 2nd inn.203/8 (39.5 ov)
Lesego SenokwaneRetired hurt01000.00
Retired hurt
Grant Mokoenalbw b M Jansen5130038.46
lbw b M Jansen
Wesley Marshallc RS Second b B Swanepoel29573050.87
c RS Second b B Swanepoel
Nicky van den Bergh (WK/C)b Z Abrahams8121066.66
b Z Abrahams
Heino Kuhnc RS Second b Z Abrahams03000.00
c RS Second b Z Abrahams
Senuran Muthusamylbw b M Nabe28634044.44
lbw b M Nabe
Khanya Cotanic RS Second b M Jansen09000.00
c RS Second b M Jansen
Delano PotgieterNot out38466182.60
Not out
Duan Jansenc DS Rosier b M Jansen352842125.00
c DS Rosier b M Jansen
Renaldo Meyerc MP Breetzke b Tsepo Ndwandwa421644262.50
c MP Breetzke b Tsepo Ndwandwa
Lwandiswa ZumaAbsent hurt
Absent hurt
Extra18 (b 4, w 0, nb 9, lb 5)
Total203/8 (39.5)
Beyers Swanepoel1012612.60
Marco Jansen1314033.07
Ziyaad Abrahams714426.28
Mthiwekhaya Nabe614116.83
Tsepo Ndwandwa3.5043111.21
Fall of wickets: 1-11 (TG Mokoena - 5.1 ov), 2-24 (NJ van den Bergh - 9.2 ov), 3-24 (Heino Kuhn - 9.5 ov), 4-57 (WB Marshall - 18.6 ov), 5-60 (K Cotani - 21.6 ov), 6-78 (S Muthusamy - 27.4 ov), 7-153 (D Jansen - 36.2 ov), 8-203 (Renaldo Meyer - 39.5 ov)
Man of the Match
Match Details
2022-11-24 12:30 PM
St George's Park, Port Elizabeth, Port Elizabeth
North West Dragons won the toss & elected to field
  • Shaun George
  • Arno Jacobs
Tv Umpires
    Match Referee

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