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Parimatch App Download for Android (APK) and iOS (iPhone and iPad)

With a market as competitive as theirs, every once in a while, a bookie comes along who does everything right. Learning from those who came before them, they come up with competitive offers, promotions and a betting experience that makes them stand out from the competition. Parimatch is one such bookie.

Looking at what they have accomplished so far, it can be said that the firm took its marketing very seriously. One thing that stands out is the availability of the bookies’ services. A phone is a prized possession to the average consumer and seeking to capitalize on this, the bookie developed an Android solution to allow mobile customers to use their marketplace. Now, this may not be an entirely new thinking process, however, its usefulness cannot be understated.

While a website is optimized for computers and laptops, tablets are the only thing mobile that has a wide enough display to handle it. There has to be something built for phones. So, Parimatch app review was a long time coming to find out below as we take this out for a spin and discover what the bookie has in store for us.

Built for Android Parimatch app

It is said that for every smartphone in use today, 8 out of 10 are based on Android technology. It’s an open-source project and this makes it easily available to most manufacturers. That being said, Parimatch app bookie knew exactly what they were doing when they created the PariMatch Android app.

Being accessible to a platform with more than a billion users goes a long way in increasing the availability of Parimatch app bookie. Android comes packed with incredible features that were there to be exploited by the bookie. Looking at their final product, you get a solution similar in appearance to the main website and a ton of features such as notifications and alerts. Nothing from the main website is missing and all the fantastic markets, tools and promotions that you are used to are all at the comfort of your palm. All that is required is a phone and an internet connection and installation is quick.

Following its launch, an unprecedented number of users promptly adopted the technology owing to its convenience and punters need no longer suffer finding the closest cyber café or computer. Looking at the sheer quantity of Android users, estimates place at least 60% of punters have adopted PariMatch android apps.

What my device needs

The first thing that came to my mind on learning of PariMatch app, is how severely underwhelming the performance of my daily driver phone is. I don’t have a top-of-the-line phone so I had some concerns about how well the PariMatch app would perform on it. I don’t believe that I am the only user to have such concerns.

This forced me to consider what specifications on my device were a necessity to at least operate it as intended by the developers. After a couple of searches using my browser, this information was located. Devices released much earlier lack the specifications of newer devices with top-of-the-line premium devices barely competing with budget alternatives currently in the market. However, the solution isn’t all that resource-heavy and what you need is:

  • The OS version should be of minimum 4.4.2.
  • System Memory should range at 1Gb or above with only 200Mb being used during operation.
  • A strong internet connection. A 3G internet connection would suffice but using much faster internet is an added advantage.
  • Local storage on the device of at least 100Mb to store the PariMatch application files.


Supported Parimatch app Android Devices

When it comes to the diversity of devices, nothing can be quite compared to Android devices. Being open-source as it is, the OS is very popular with a lot of manufacturers. That being said, the quantity of supporting devices covers a wide range of both premium and budget devices. Manufacturers, provided they base their OS on Android, can boast about supporting Parimatch app bookies PariMatch app. If you’ve got a custom build, all’s well with parimatch. I don’t have the most premium device, but I it runs just fine. I’m relieved that all ends of the spectrum got a chance to run this thanks to such meagre resource demand.

Steps to accessing the installation Parimatch apk file

I got mad after looking for Parimatch app on PlayStore. However, upon further research, I came across the company’s official PariMatch app policy and my anger subsided. You might be wondering if I had to fork up anything to get the installer. Not a dime. If you just visit the website, and just click the link provided. That easy. Owing to my concern, I am pleasantly happy that several third party sites have it too. Payments not required at all.

  • The first step is going to the main site.
  • Now locate the Downloads section normally by clicking the Android icon found in the navigation.
  • Find the file you want
  • Click the link and it will commence.


Changing permissions on my phone

Something caught my eye. When I clicked the link, the process was originally restricted for some security reasons. This is usually the case when the file possesses a potential risk to your device. You have to disable this for it to proceed but only on the condition that you trust the origin of the file. Another reason for this is that the apk file has the potential of modifying how your device works and could serve some malicious person’s objectives. I know the URL is secure and the maker is the bookie. This should make you trust the bookie and you need to disable the setting to allow for the process to complete.

Completing the installation process of Parimatch app

At the point when I had the record the following stage was introducing it. The primary thing I noted was that on much fresher Android forms you really want to allow the document authorization to run. Going to the settings, this was finished and the establishment continued without a hitch. After establishment, I was given the choice to open the PariMatch application. On the primary send off, I needed to sign in utilizing my current accreditations however from that point onward, I could get to the bookie’s commercial center effortlessly from the solace of my telephone.

What to do if on Apple’s iOS?

Apple is an entirely different animal but the same beast as compared to Android. After learning how restrictive the Google store is to bookies, I was completely caught off guard finding Parimatch listed on Apple’s Store. It is completely similar to the Android version but comes with the convenience of being listed on the store. This would be great but iPhones and Apple devices are considered premium devices so their price range may not be accessible to most users. There is also the fact that there are no other means of installing apps other than their store, so there’s that.

What specs are needed to run on iOS?

All systems need to meet at least some minimum amount of resources to run any application. iOS is no different. Looking at how well supported their devices are, most if not all devices released after iPhone 5 will undoubtedly run PariMatch application. What you need, at least is:

  • iOS needs to be updated to be of a version higher than 8.1. Older versions will install but will run slower. Use the mobile website if this is the case.
  • RAM should be at least 200Mb usable system memory.
  • 3G internet connection or faster.

What course of action for an iOS installation Parimatch app?

Since it is recorded in the store, all I needed to do was look for the bookie’s name. The populated outcomes should be examined so you don’t introduce some unacceptable variant. In the wake of recognizing the right one, tick the introduce button and inside the space of seconds you will have it introduced. This methodology needn’t bother with you to give additional consents. It is vital to take note of that the download speed will rely upon your genuine organization speed.

What extras are awarded to users?

I have to say, getting extra winnings from promotions is one heck of a way to begin your wagering experience. Parimatch app, like those before it, puts you in such a position with their registration bonus. All you have to do is fund your account if you are a new user. This will automatically award you the bonus that will be stored in a separate wallet. All you have to do now is fulfil the terms of the bonus and the winnings will be transferred to your main account for withdrawal.

Channels for moving cash to and from the bookie

Convenience is the game when it comes to payment methods for a bookie. Looking at how the organization serves a diverse audience, the bookie should ensure all their customers are catered for. Web money and banking transactions, the usual suspects were available. Mobile and web money, increasing in popularity in recent years is also included making Skrill, Payoneer and UPI all supported by Parimatch app bookie.

Getting your wager to the bookie Parimatch app

Depositing with ease is an important part of the wagering experience and it should be as simple and convenient as possible. I tried to deposit a wager and was pleasantly surprised to find several methods at my disposal. I chose one of my likings and filled in the amount I wanted. I was then prompted to provide my credentials for the method chosen. After this, I submitted my request and had it in my account almost instantly. In case of a deposit failing and a transaction not going through, customer support is always available for such issues.

Precipitating an update

In the event that you track down yourself, and I have, with an out of date rendition of PariMatch application, an update is a need guaranteeing you have the most recent highlights and security fixes. Android clients will be compelled to download a new apk document from the bookie’s webpage. IOS clients get the accommodation of refreshing utilizing the store application.

How to sign in Parimatch app?

Verification is a requirement to log in to your account. You need to fill in your credentials in the form provided on the login screen. Otherwise, you cannot transact and view markets on Parimatch app bookie’s platform.

After filling in your credentials, should they be valid, access will be provided to your account but removed after a certain period of inactivity.

What’s in store for sports Parimatch app?

Sports markets structure the heft of income created from tasks. The bookie has every one of the associations you could imagine and covers most games in nations that have a steady government. An extraordinary highlight note is the means by which enormous the chances are and the rewards granted in the games segment, particularly cricket bets.

Additionally the advantage of is having the option to bet on live business sectors. Presently I don’t need to stress over missing the pre-match markets.


Video games are here to stay and the rise of E-sports is a testament to all of this. Parimatch app bookie is ahead of the game and I was pleasantly surprised to find E-sports markets. You can wager on competitive E-sports leagues on popular games such as Dota and League of Legends. All your favourite leagues come included and all you have to do is play and win big.


Accumulator bets are extremely popular due to their high wins. You can combine several events and markets to further boost your winnings. Despite its appeal, it also comes at increased risk as all events need to win for you to get the winnings. It comes as a god-send as it gives you the chance to not only combine events from a single league or sport but is valid for all events listed by the bookie.


With sports taking most of the limelight leaving casino lovers left out, Parimatch app bookie does nothing of the sort. It comes packed with amazing games and odds for your use. Other bookies might focus on providing only sports betting, but Parimatch app is intended to be a one-stop-shop for all punters. Game at your convenience with a great casino section.

Casino Games Parimatch app

Users may be curious about the games available and I was no exception. Looking at the bookie’s selection, some games stood out. Not being an entirely dedicated casino lover, the first thing I looked for is games such as slots, roulette and Baccarat. They were all there and the next thing to look for is card games. Poker and Texas Hold’em stood out but there were additional local favourites such as Teen Patti and Andar Bahar.

Accelerated Interface

I have some difficulty with patience and as such having a slow interface is one thing that pushes me to the limit. I can’t say how much I appreciate how much the developers took this into consideration and the display is accelerated for the punter’s convenience. Live markets have constantly changing odds, and one frustrating thing is trying to build a slip only to be informed the odds selected are no longer valid. This is one thing that the accelerated interface provides, focusing on providing you with the latest markets and odds. The interface also uses your device’s graphics processor to ensure the interface is as fast and responsive as possible.


Imagine losing all your winnings as a result of a security vulnerability unknown to both the user and developer. This is a major concern given the potential loss of cash and security is of paramount importance to all parties. Communication is secured with end-to-end encryption to prevent eavesdroppers from intercepting communication that could potentially compromise your account.

Dual authentication is required when withdrawing and an additional security question can be set to prevent unauthorized access to your account. Another thing to note is the optional pin required to open the PariMatch app. Should your device be accessed by another party, they are not immediately awarded access and this ensures the privacy of your wagering practices.


I don’t, particularly like using an application and having it freeze while I’m in the middle of placing a wager. As such it was important to measure how well the product worked in a real-life setting. Launching the PariMatch app is not always smooth especially when you have limited memory. For many premium devices such as iPhones and top-of-a-range android phones.

When it comes to actual use, it comes as no surprise that the performance is smooth though some lags were noted on much older devices. Streaming matches using the PariMatch app was also smooth but the connection will be constantly interrupted if you happen to be on a slower network. Overall, I got the impression that if your device is not as endowed with regard to specs, you would be better served using the mobile website.

Support Parimatch app

Getting stuck is part of any process and seeking help is one of the many ways to solve any problem. Therefore, you shouldn’t have any trouble contacting the bookie’s representatives. Support on Parimatch app platform is mainly accessed by using the live chat feature.

I have to say the convenience of not having to switch to another application. The great part is that they are always quick to respond. Nonetheless, other channels for talking to their representatives including a hotline are available. Email is also an alternative though the response time is considerably slower as compared to the hotline and live chat. Faster alternatives include a WhatsApp chat as well as a Telegram alternative to it. Respectful and quick is how you’d describe them and this makes them highly rated when it comes to providing support.

What do I gain from using the app?

When I first heard of PariMatch APK, the first thing that popped into mind was what potential benefit there was to use it. The main website and mobile version have always worked just fine so there has to be something in it for me to even consider the lengthy processes of installing it.

After a couple of days of use, some nuances were noted and some things I never thought of have now become the sole reason I use the PariMatch app. Some of the advantages that can be leveraged by using the PariMatch app include:

  • Notifications: This is something that comes with the PariMatch app specifically. While getting an alert on SMS may seem convenient, the one thing that would beat that is the in-app notifications. I can highlight my favourite events and get notified of upcoming features so I no longer miss out on key events. I also get notified of wins and ongoing slips so I don’t have to switch to other applications.
  • Security: Being a regular internet user, you might have come across phishing websites similar to major sites but designed with the sole intent of stealing user data. Now, this threat is existentially removed by using the PariMatch app. Communication is secured on both ends and any party intercepting or eavesdropping on the network cannot know anything about you.
  • Ease of access: I quickly appreciated how simple accessing the bookie marketplace was. You no longer need to open a browser and enter the address, only launch the PariMatch application. The great part is you don’t have to log in every time as it gives you the option of locking the PariMatch app using a secure passcode or key.


All being said, the app does what it intends to, nothing more or less. Overall, the support, markets and features are similar to the website. The bookie has prioritized accessibility and the PariMatch app is testament to this. A great recommendation for any punter.



What do I do if I can’t get it to install?

Should it fail, try downloading the. Should that fail, ensure your device has the minimum specifications needed.

Do I have to register again?

This is not required. All the PariMatch app does is give you access to the bookie using your phone. You’re just using the same account but using different technologies to access it.

Am I still eligible for a bonus on the PariMatch app?

Of course. The only difference is technology, everything is completely similar and you won’t be left out should you be using the PariMatch application.

Can I send my wager on the PariMatch app?

Yes, all payment processing channels are located in your account section. Here you can trigger a deposit using any one or a combination of the methods available.

Is there a free version should I happen to be in India?

You don’t have to pay for the application and a free version is available on the website regardless of your geographical location.

How do I update the PariMatch app?

All you need to do is re-download the PariMatch app from the main website and install it again. The bookie always makes sure the latest version is listed and you need not struggle to update.

Where can I download the latest version of Parimatch APK?

The newest version is always found on the main website.


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