Rohit Sharma: Before the World Cup, the hitman spoke about his retirement for the first time..

Rohit Sharma's Reflection on His Career and Retirement Plans
Credits: Dubai Eye 103.8.

Rohit Sharma’s Reflection on His Career and Retirement Plans

Rohit Sharma has been playing for Team India since 2007. Under the captaincy of Rohit, Team India reached the final of the ICC ODI World Cup. He said, “It was a wonderful 17 years with Team India. Also hopefully I will be able to play for a few more years and make an impact on world cricket. I have seen more decline than progress in my life. Whatever I am today is because of the ups and downs I have seen, that is why I am who I am”, Rohit clarified, putting an end to the retirement talk by saying that he would play for a few more years.

Rohit Sharma’s Insights and T20 World Cup Countdown

Rohit Sharma gave an interview to YouTube channel Dubai Eye 103.8. Altogether three people interviewed Rohit. A total of 21 minutes and 34 seconds of video has been posted on social media. In this interview, Rohit responded to many issues. Rohit shares his views on cricket career, captaincy, and many other issues.

There are 17 days left in this ninth T20 World Cup. This much-awaited ICC tournament has been organized in America and West Indies from 2 to 29 June. There will be tough competition for the World Cup trophy between a total of 20 teams. Rohit Sharma has the responsibility of captaining Team India. While Hardik Pandya will take over the responsibility of vice-captain. Before the World Cup, Rohit Sharma gave an interview to a YouTube channel. Rohit has given a frank response regarding his retirement in this interview.

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Rohit Sharma’s Perspective on Captaincy and Personal Records

Rohit said that captaincy is more important than personal records. It is a matter of pride and honor for me to captain Team India. I never thought I would reach this far and lead. It was good with good people. When he accepted the responsibility of leadership, he decided to move forward in a direction. This is how team sports should be played. This has nothing to do with personal records. The 11 players should play together and the ultimate goal should be to win the trophy,” said Rohit

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