Thailand Basketball League: TGE vs MUBC Dream11 Prediction, Basketball | TGE vs MUBC Dream11 Team | TGE vs MUBC Starting Lineup – 22nd Aug 2020

Thailand Basketball League

TGE vs MUBC Dream11 Prediction, Thailand basketball League | TGE vs MUBC Dream11 Team | TGE vs MUBC Dream11 Prediction | TGE vs MUBC Starting Lineup – 22nd Aug 2020 – In this article, we will Provide you a match preview of Thailand basketball League Match. Today’s match will be played among Thai General vs Mekong United BC

We will provide you with a possible starting line-up, team injury news, and updates, Dream11 tips, and the best Dream11 Thailand Basketball League match between the TGE vs MUBC.

TGE vs MUBC Dream11 Prediction – Match Details

Tournament: Thailand Basketball League

Teams:  Thai General vs Mekong United BC

Match Date & Timing:  22nd Aug 2020, 10.30 AM IST.

TGE vs MUBC Live Score & Streaming Details

The match between Thai General vs Mekong United BC will not be broadcast by any broadcasting network in India, while viewers can watch the live streaming action on the FanCode app. and live Box score on Thailand Basketball League official website.

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TGE vs MUBC Dream11 Team Injury News

From Mekong United BC (Injuries)

  • We will update as soon as possible

Mekong United BC active Squad – Supsudawong Peetchet, Biaesamrit Natthaphat, Thipthaweetha Tripoom, Sahatsawat Inmaphan, Pattanachokrungruean Natthawat, Pathawit Chat, Ittipichai Ittipichai, Chotiemthien Udom, Sirichariyaphon Thakamin, Towaroj Jittaphon, Boten Hiran, Yeumo Gabriel, Sirueang Teep.

From Thai General (Injuries)

  • We will update as soon as possible

Thai General Squad: Bienvenue Ngongo, Kupadit Nattapon, Ghogar Sukhdave, Langsui Anucha, Lakha Bandit, Klaewnarong Anasawee, Nantho Phurinan, Leelapipatkul Attapong, Chaisura Thanatat, Powan Amornthep

TGE vs MUBC Dream11 Expected Line-up | Also See: Dream11 Prediction Football

Mekong United BC Probable Lineup:-

  • PG – S. Maitampitak – 5.0p 4.0r 5.3a
  • SG – J. Towaroj – 16.5p 5.2r 4.8a
  • PF – G. Yeumo – 9.5p 7.8r 2.5a
  • SF – W.Panklom – 4.0p 5.5r 1.5a
  • C- P. Supsudawong – 8.6p 3.8r 3.8a

Likely Bench Players From Mekong United BC

  • Inmaphan Sahatsawat – 0.4p 1.0r
  • D. Nguyen Thanh –
  • Thanh Le Hieu – 0.0p 1.3r
  • P. Chutsiriyingyong – 8.5p 4.3r 1.8a

Thai General probable Lineup:

  • PG – N. Bienvenue – 17.1p 7.8r 4.0a
  • SG – B. Lakhan – 6.9p 2.2r 2.2a
  • SF – S.Sunthonsiri- 7.0p 5.8r 5.5a
  • PF – T. Suktub – 10.3p 5.0r 2.5a
  • C – A. Klaewnarong – 7.5p 9.3r

Likely Bench Players From Thai General

  • Nattapon Kupadit – 17.0p, 3.8r, 3.2a
  • Kannut Samerjai – 6.8p 2.8r 4.0a
  • Pairach Sekteera – 4.0p 2.0r
  • A. Langsui- 80p 4.3r

TGE vs MUBC Fantasy Team Leader [STATS]

Team Leader From Mekong United BC

7Towaroj, Jittaphon4.
92Supsudawong, Peetchet2.
25Boten, Hiran2.
97Pathawit, Chat0.
14Chotiemthien, Udom2.
79Ittipichai, Ittipichai3.
15Yeumo, Gabriel4.
22Sirueang, Teep1.
13Sirichariyaphon, Thakamin0.
0Biaesamrit, Natthaphat3.
91Thipthaweetha, Tripoom0.
24Sahatsawat, Inmaphan0.
99Pattanachokrungruean, Natthawat1.
12Panklom, Woraphat4.
9Chutsiriyingyong, Panurat2.
28Maitampitak, Suchon4.
10Chokngamwong, Suphachok1.

Team Leader From Thai General

19Langsui, Anucha2.
25Klaewnarong, Anasawee5.
12Lakhan, Bandit1.
5Nantho, Phurinan1.
0Bienvenue, Ngongo4.
4Kupadit, Nattapon2.
15Ghogar, Sukhdave9.
8Leelapipatkul, Attapong3.
6Chaisura, Thanatat1.
20Suktub, Tawatchai3.
36Sunthonsiri, Sorot4.
11Samerjai, Kannut1.
9Sekteera, Pairach1.
55Powan, Amornthep1.01.701.
45Wongwises, Phongphon000000000.0

TGE vs MUBC Dream11 Top Picks

  • J. Towaroj
  • G. Yeumo
  • P. Supsudawong
  • N. Bienvenue
  • T. Suktub
  • A. Klaewnarong
  • S.Sunthonsiri

TGE vs MUBC Dream11 Players to Avoid

  • We will update as soon as possible

TGE vs MUBC Dream11 Team

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