TNM vs FKB Dream11 Prediction, Basketball | TNM vs FKB Dream11 Team | TNM vs FKB Starting Lineup – 29th July 2020


TNM vs FKB Dream11 Prediction,  New Zealand Basketball League. | TNM vs FKB Dream11 Team | TNM vs FKB Dream11 Prediction |TNM vs FKB Starting Lineup – 29th July 2020 – In this article, we will Provide you a match preview of New Zealand Basketball League. Today’s match will be played among Franklin Bulls vs Taranaki Mountain Airs.

We will provide you with a possible starting line-up, team injury news, and updates, Dream 11 tips, and the best Dream11 New Zealand baseball League basketball match between the TNM vs FKB.

TNM vs FKB Dream11 Prediction – Match Details

Tournament: New Zealand Basketball League

Teams: Franklin Bulls vs Taranaki Mountain Airs

Match Date & Timing: 29th July 2020, 1.00 PM IST.

TNM vs FKB Live Score & Streaming Details

The match between Franklin Bulls vs Taranaki Mountain Airs will not be broadcast by any broadcasting network in India, while viewers can watch the live streaming action on the FanCode app. and live Box score on New Zealand Basketball League official website

TNM 99 – 90 FKB


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TNM vs FKB Live Box Score

Starter Note:

FKB Team Starters – Jackson Stubbins, Everard Bartlett, Izaac Davidson, Dom Kelman-Poto, Sam Timmins.

TNM Team Starters – Derone Raukawa, Kenneth Tuffin, Marcel Jones, Shane Temara, Tai Wynyard

TNM Team Box Score

4Tai Wynyard23:501191210
8Derone Raukawa(C)39:28:002877330
10Kenneth Tuffin26:02:00920110
24Shane Temara27:10:00872101
62Marcel Jones39:08:0031107602
0Joseph Nunag0:00000000
1Denhym Brooke21:48440010
3Francis Mulvihill7:15210100
5Oscar Robertson0:00000000
11Baxter Fenwick0:00000000
22Zachary Easthope0:00000000
23Mitchell Dance15:19650200
 TEAM TOTALS 9945171763

FKB Team Box Score

0Jackson Stubbins29:57:001273010
4Samuel Timmins22:07632010
12Isaac Davidson36:34:002432310
21Everard Bartlett(C)27:53:00855130
25Dominique Kelman-Poto32:21:0031104330
9Joseph Reddish0:00000000
10Chris Mcintosh6:35010000
14Nicholas Barrow15:29401000
22Connor Woodbridge4:43300010
31Dru-Leo Leusogi-Ape2:02000100
35Nikau Mccullough15:47232010
43Sioeli Vaiangina6:33010100
 TEAM TOTALS 90361910110

TNM vs FKB Dream11 Team Injury News

From Taranaki Mountain Airs (Injuries)

  • Carlin Davison – Game Time Decision
  • Oscar Robertson -Game Time Decision

Taranaki Mountain Airs active Squad – Derone Raukawa, Marcel Jones, Shane Temara, Tai Wynyard, Mitch Dance, Francis Mulvihill, Kenneth Tuffin, Denhym Brooke, Zach Easthope, Oscar Robertson, Carlin Davison, Baxter Fenwick

From Franklin Bulls (Injuries)

  • Joe Reddish – Game Time Decision
  • Adam Dunstan – Game Time Decision

Franklin Bulls Squad: Dominique Kelman-Poto, Sam Timmins, Everard Bartlett, Jackson Stubbins, Isaac Davidson, Nick Barrow, Joel Vaiangina, Nikau McCullough, Connor Woodbridge, Joe Reddish, Chris McIntosh, Dru-Leo Leusogi-Ape

TNM vs FKB Dream11 Expected Line-up | Also See: Dream11 Prediction Football

Taranaki Mountain Airs Expected Lineup:-

  • PG – D. Raukawa – 23.0p 3.2r 7.4a
  • SG – K. Tuffin- 9.5p 4.8r 1.0a
  • SF – M. Jones- 21.9p 12.9r 4.5a
  • PF – S. Temara-12.5p 6.4r 1.1a
  • C – Tai Wynyard – 7.3p 3.5r 0.7a

Likely Bench Players From Taranaki Mountain Airs

  • F. Mulvihill – 6.6p 2.2r 1.9a
  • M. Dance – 6.7p 2.8r 0.5a
  • D. Brooke – 5.4p 3.9r 0.6a

Franklin Bulls Expected Lineup:

  • PG . J. Stubbins- 5.5p 4.6r 2.6a
  • SG -E. Bartlett- 10.1p 2.2r 2.6a
  • SF – I. Davidson- 15.4p 3.9r 2.6a
  • PF – Dom Kelman-Poto – 17.1p 7.3r 1.6a
  • C -S. Timmins- 11.2p 7.3r 1.4a

Likely Bench Players From Franklin Bulls

  • Nikau McCullough – 7.1p 2.0r 2.0a
  • J. Vaiangina – 4.6p 3.0r 0.4a
  • C. McIntosh – 3.0p 0.9r 0.9a

TNM vs FKB Fantasy Team Leader [STATS]

Team Leader From Taranaki Mountain Airs

Derone Raukawa36.323.
Marcel Jones36.421.912.
Shane Temara24.712.
Kenneth Tuffin22.
Mitchell Dance16.
Tai Wynyard14.
Francis Mulvihill16.
Denhym Brooke19.
Carlin Davison5.
Zach Easthope3.
Baxter Fenwick6.
Oscar Robertson7.
Joseph Nunag2.

Team Leader From Franklin Bulls

Dom Kelman-Poto28.
Isaac Davidson30.315.
Sam Timmins24.811.
Everard Bartlett24.410.
Nikau McCullough22.
Jackson Stubbins24.
Joel Vaiangina11.
Nick Barrow10.
Chris McIntosh9.
Dru-Leo Leusogi-Ape7.
Connor Woodbridge7.
Adam Dunstan4.
Joe Reddish2.

TNM vs FKB Dream11 Top Picks

  • Derone Raukawa
  • Kenneth Tuffin
  • J. Stubbins
  • M. Jones
  • I. Davidson
  • Dom Kelman-Poto
  • Nikau McCullough

TNM vs FKB Dream11 Players to Avoid

  • Joe Reddish – Game Time Decision
  • Adam Dunstan – Game Time Decision
  • Carlin Davison – Game Time Decision
  • Oscar Robertson -Game Time Decision

TNM vs FKB Dream11 Team

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