European Cricket Series Prague, 2020 – Vinohrady Rossos CC – ECS Prague, Player Record, Team Stats & Performances


Vinohrady Rossos CC – ECS Prague T10, Player Record, Team Stats & Performances

Vinohrady Rossos CC – European Cricket Series Prague, 2020, Player Record, Team Stats & Performances

Vinohrady CC are the only side at the European Cricket Series Prague who do not hold home games at the host venue of Vinor, playing at the scenic Velvary Cricket Ground, located 50km to the west of the Czech capital.

Vinohrady has experienced mixed results in their two preceding T10 competitions. While their ECN Czech Super Series campaign demonstrated remarkably frustrating, Vinohrady was later established joint winners of the T10 Challenger Cup with Rugby Cricket Dresden after the final had to be evacuated due to rain.

1Vinohrady CC – 2nd XI11550550
2Vinohrady CC – 1st XI13541.67758.33

Vinohrady Rossos CC – ECS Prague Team Squad – Chris Pearce, Siddarth Goud, Shoumyadeep Rakshit, Alex Sirisena, Benjamin Boulton Smith, Arshad Yousafzai, Nirmal Kumar, Ritik Tomar, Frederick Heydenrych, Haris Hassan, Shubhranshu Chaudhary, Trinity Moyo, Lakshay Sharma, Venkatesh Margasahayem, Kamal Bhinder, Vojta Hasa

Vinohrady Rossos CC – ECS Prague, Player Recorder

Vinohrady Rossos CC Player Record- BATSMEN

Siddarth Goud121224920.75115.28
Ashish Matta10102173195.18
Edward Knowles8813533.7591.84
Siddarth Sharma7512725.4128.28
Ritik Tomar9812621148.24
Nirmal Kumar181211610.5584.67
John Corness8811614.570.3
Toby Haslam1091152398.29
Rakshit Shoumyadeep101010611.7883.46
Chris Pearce559619.2115.66
Shaun Dalton989115.1791
Frederyck Heydenrych1187310.4394.81
Arshad Yousafzai97569.3396.55
Kyle Gilham834321.579.63
Alex Sirisena63422176.36
Venkatesh Margasahayem743919.5102.63
Michael Londesborough87304.2963.83
Mikula- Star-55295.869.05
Vojtech Ha-a65295.855.77
Edward Entwistle11628768.29
Kamal Singh106275.462.79
Shubhranshu Chaudhary84258.3386.21
Paul Taylor7351.6762.5
Lakshay Sharma103000

Vinohrady Rossos CC Player Record- BOWLERS

Nirmal Kumar43.4236.0711.3911.52
Ritik Tomar3011516.3613.64
Paul Taylor16.488.2812.517.25
Venkatesh Margasahayem17.586.1113.3813.63
Shubhranshu Chaudhary238717.2520.13
Edward Entwistle2486.171818.5
Brigham Smith1067.31012.17
Rakshit Shoumyadeep17.166.9317.1719.83
Lukas Fencl751.438.42
Alex Sirisena1256.514.415.6
Kamal Singh1858.2821.629.8
Arshad Yousafzai946.5613.514.75
Ashish Matta1145.6416.515.5
Kapil Kumar11.347.8317.2522.5
Haris Hasan1245.751817.25
Frederyck Heydenrych134619.519.5
Trinity Moyo1446.932124.25
Kyle Gilham2545.1637.532.25
Siddarth Goud637.171214.33

Vinohrady Rossos CC Upcoming Match – ECS Prague

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