WAR vs WAS Player Battle, Head to Head Team Stats, Team Record – English T20 Blast

WOR vs WAS Player Battle, Head to Head Team Stats, Team Record

Get all the WAR vs WAS player battle stats, records, and head-to-head between Worcestershire (WAR) and Warwickshire (WAS). This is the 65th match of the English T20 Blast tournament, which will be held at County Ground, New Road, Worcester, on June 21st, 2024, at 10:00 PM IST. In this article, we will provide details about WAR vs WAS player stats, player records, and player battles of both teams.

WAR vs WAS Head to Head

Total Match Player – 10

WAR Won – 4

WAS Won – 6

WAR vs WAS Player Stats – Worcestershire Team Player’s Recent Batting/Bowling Records

Adam Hose1021500135.22
Brett D'Oliveira1020235.83123.17
Ethan Brookes717013.79142.86
Jake Libby1014800110.45
Ed Pollock1012400115.89
Kashif Ali1012100123.47
Matthew Waite1011214.2112
Nathan Smith710368.65124.1
Gareth Roderick109100135.82
Josh Cobb56617.56106.45
Olly Cox46300175
Tom Taylor75478.9793.1
Hayden Walsh72257.07115.79
Henry Cullen1120092.31
Rob Jones390042.86
Adam Finch108138.4544.44
Ben Gibbon110833.33
Harry Darley1026.670

WAR vs WAS Player Stats – Warwickshire Team Player’s Recent Batting/Bowling Records

Sam Hain1032000116.79
Robert Yates1028500.65132.56
Alex Davies1025900169.28
Jacob Bethell1025834.2164.33
Dan Mousley10227107.18131.21
Will Rhodes10145135.12120.83
Chris Benjamin1014000141.41
Michael Burgess109500133.8
Ed Barnard108333.92131.75
Chris Woakes106798.53109.84
George Garton85588.57166.67
Moeen Ali44855.54109.09
Hasan Ali1032198.16106.67
Danny Briggs1022206.23146.67
Hamza Shaikh22200122.22
Jake Lintott103157.1160
Oliver Hannon-Dalby5249.7628.57
Craig Miles101128.8225
Richard Gleeson7093.70
Liam Norwell30311.190
Michael Booth2056.830
Aamer Jamal100250

WAR vs WAS Player Battle – WAR players record against WAS in their last ten matches

Brett D'Oliveira725655.43158.02
Jake Libby3540096.43
Ed Pollock45000166.67
Adam Hose24200135.48
Kashif Ali33200100
Gareth Roderick170070
Adam Finch2641260
Matthew Waite10010.330
Olly Cox10000

WAR vs WAS Player Battle – WAS players record against WAR in their last ten matches

Sam Hain520400151.11
Dan Mousley419358.89163.56
Robert Yates614702.95153.12
Chris Benjamin410000153.85
Alex Davies46300143.18
Jacob Bethell45002.25178.57
Will Rhodes33559.5102.94
Craig Miles42057.44117.65
Ed Barnard2711.5116.67
Michael Burgess360066.67
Danny Briggs5087.750
Jake Lintott5038.450
Hasan Ali2038.250
Chris Woakes10170

Worcestershire (WAR) player records at County Ground, New Road, Worcester.

Jake Libby1025301.9124.63
Brett D'Oliveira1024096.51123.08
Adam Hose818900135
Kashif Ali814800140.95
Ed Pollock107400121.31
Olly Cox36300175
Ethan Brookes36113.5115.09
Adam Finch73637.64240
Matthew Waite33603.44116.13
Tom Taylor336510.01124.14
Nathan Smith33427.33109.68
Josh Cobb21908.590.48
Gareth Roderick51300144.44
Hayden Walsh31236.78133.33
Henry Cullen1120092.31
Rob Jones280050
Ben Gibbon110833.33
Harry Darley1026.670

Warwickshire (WAS) player records at County Ground, New Road, Worcester

Dan Mousley14908.33175
Jacob Bethell23904.5195
Chris Benjamin13400121.43
Robert Yates23004.33115.38
Alex Davies12800147.37
Sam Hain11500100
Will Rhodes11148.591.67
Craig Miles11119157.14
Ed Barnard1713116.67
Michael Burgess160085.71
Jake Lintott2017.750
Hasan Ali101110
Danny Briggs1008.670

Worcestershire (WAR) vs Warwickshire (WAS) – Fantasy Analysis

Worcestershire Team :

PlayerAvg FPTs1st Inn2nd Innvs Opptat Venue
D Dupavillon48.45146UpgradeUpgrade
M Amir48.33853UpgradeUpgrade
C Fletcher44.53750UpgradeUpgrade
P Brown41.85337UpgradeUpgrade
B William Aitchison32-32UpgradeUpgrade
B Tickner212022UpgradeUpgrade
A Dal19.22111UpgradeUpgrade
S Conners21.81724UpgradeUpgrade
M Lamb26.44522UpgradeUpgrade
A Donald49.54155UpgradeUpgrade
R Whiteley28.86115UpgradeUpgrade
A Thomson261929UpgradeUpgrade
B Guest313927UpgradeUpgrade
S Patel53.24363UpgradeUpgrade
H Came43.34343UpgradeUpgrade
L Reece32.93233UpgradeUpgrade
Z Chappell42.5758UpgradeUpgrade
W Madsen433549UpgradeUpgrade
D Lloyd37.25530UpgradeUpgrade

Warwickshire Team :

PlayerAvt Pts1st Inn2nd InnIn DT
M Booth92-922
D Briggs7078658
D Mousley6975679
W Rhodes6275566
H Ali6170555
M Ali6194277
A Jamal6089306
J Bethell5555556
A Davies5373397
J Lintott5142558
R Yates4976315
R Gleeson4145397
M Burgess4046315
C Simmons4040-1
G Garton3923505
S Hain3819464
C Miles3847325
C Woakes3428374
O Hannon-Dalby3222403
L Norwell3111722
E Barnard2937174
C Benjamin2526253
H Shaikh25-251
A Khan2020-0

Worcestershire (WAR) vs Warwickshire (WAS), English T20 Blast – Match Details

Match WAR vs WAS, English T20 Blast
Date 21st June 2024
Time 10:00 PM IST
Venue County Ground, New Road, Worcester
Live Stream Disney+Hotstar
Live Score Myfinal11 (WAR vs WAS )
MyFinal11 Pro Fantasy Guide