Will Hardik Pandya get a place in T20 World Cup squad or not? Rohit-Dravid-Agarkar clash

Assessment of Hardik Pandya's Performance
Assessment of Hardik Pandya's Performance

Assessment of Hardik Pandya’s Performance:

Hardik Pandya’s inclusion in the T20 World Cup squad is under scrutiny due to his recent performance and fitness concerns. Despite returning from injury and participating in IPL 2024, Pandya’s performances have been inconsistent. Leading Mumbai Indians, Pandya has struggled both with the bat and ball, scoring only 131 runs in six matches and bowling sparingly, completing four overs only twice. Concerns about his form and effectiveness in both aspects of the game have raised doubts about his suitability for the T20 World Cup squad.

Consideration of Alternatives:

With doubts surrounding Hardik Pandya’s form and fitness, the selection committee is exploring alternative options for the T20 World Cup squad. One such alternative is Shivam Dubey, who has been identified as a potential replacement for Pandya. Dubey offers a similar skill set, with the ability to hit big with the bat and contribute with medium-pace bowling. Despite not bowling in IPL matches, Dubey’s versatility and potential as an impact player make him a viable candidate to fill the all-rounder role in the squad.

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Balancing Performance and Fitness Concerns:

The selection committee faces the challenge of balancing Hardik Pandya’s past performances and potential with his current form and fitness issues. While Pandya has been a key player for India in the past, his recent struggles raise doubts about his ability to contribute effectively in the T20 World Cup. On the other hand, selecting an alternative like Shivam Dubey involves weighing potential versus experience and addressing concerns about match readiness. Ultimately, the decision will hinge on finding the right balance between performance and fitness to ensure the squad’s competitiveness in the upcoming tournament.

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