Champions Trophy 2025 : Which team will get chance if India withdraw from Champions Trophy? find out

Champions Trophy 2025: India's Dilemma

Champions Trophy 2025: India’s Dilemma

The ICC Champions Trophy 2025 tournament has caught everyone’s attention. Team India is preparing hard for this tournament. Under the coaching of Gautam Gambhir and the leadership of Rohit Sharma, Team India will enter the tournament. Jai Shah has clarified that Rohit Sharma will be the captain in this tournament. But the biggest problem is that the tournament is going to be held in Pakistan. Seeing the repeated acts of terrorism by Pakistan, India has severed all ties with Pakistan.

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Therefore, the Indian team neither goes to Pakistan nor invites the Pakistan team to play at home. Meanwhile, the question is whether the Indian team will go to Pakistan for the Champions Trophy or not. The Indian team played on the hybrid model in the Asia Cup. All India’s matches were played in Sri Lanka then. In the same background, sports fans are expecting that some solution will be found. But if the tournament is held in Pakistan and the Indian team refuses to play, what will be the next math? Let’s find out.

Possible Hybrid Model Solution

if the Pakistan Cricket Board refuses to compete on the hybrid model, Team India may be out of the tournament. If India withdraws from the Champions Trophy, the schedule will be turned upside down. For this, ICC will have to arrange an eighth team. ICC may give Sri Lanka a chance in the tournament for this. So there will be eight teams and the next question will remain. The top 8 teams in the ODI World Cup 2023 have got an entry for the Champions Trophy. Currently, it does not have a Sri Lankan team.

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Sri Lanka’s Possible Entry

After India’s withdrawal, the ICC will be left with the option of Sri Lanka. Because the Sri Lankan team is in the ninth position in the points table. The Sri Lankan team will replace India in the draft schedule. Also on the day India’s matches are held. Sri Lanka will be given a chance there. That means Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and New Zealand will be in Group A. As per the draft schedule, the competition will start on 19th February. Also, the final match will be held on March 9. Also, March 10 has been kept as a reserved day.

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