ESS vs KET Player Battle Head to Head Player Stats/Record, English T20 Blast 2024 – 94th Match

ESS vs KET Player Battle Head to Head Player Stats/Record, English T20 Blast 2024 - 94th Match

ESS vs KET Player Battle  — Today, the 94th match of the English T20 Blast 2024 will be played between Essex (ESS) and Kent (KET) at County Ground, Chelmsford. This venue is Essex’s home ground. The match is scheduled for July 11th, 2024, at 11:30 PM IST.

In this research article, we will provide details about the ESS vs KET Player Battle Head-to-Head ESS vs KET Player Stats/Record, which will help you build a stronger Dream11 team and give you an edge to win contests.

ESS vs KET Head to Head (Last 10 Match)

Total Match ESS Won KET Won NR
10 5 5 0

Essex Team Player’s Recent Batting/Bowling Form

PlayerMatchesRunsWktAvg ECOAvg SR
Shane Snater1040710.07100
Dean Elgar1029300133.79
Daniel Sams101421110.65163.22
Simon Harmer105057.54111.11
Tom Westley1015700123.62
Michael-Kyle Pepper1034400192.18
Paul Walter10158148.57142.34
Aaron Beard102558.97104.17
Samuel Cook10959.1990
Ben Allison1038139.6995
Adam Rossington1023300146.54
Matt Critchley1095127.92114.46
Robin Das1014500157.61
Luc Benkenstein106249.63158.97
Jordan Cox820500178.26
Jamie Porter8178.88100
Charlie Allison340066.67
Jamal Richards21421370
Noah Thain24129.65157.69

Kent Team Player’s Recent Batting/Bowling Form

PlayerMatchesRunsWktAvg ECOAvg SR
Fred Klaassen108107.81114.29
Joe Denly1026813.2157.65
Sam Billings1031500150.72
Zak Crawley109500117.28
Joey Evison1012855.78119.63
Jack Leaning107545.35110.29
Daniel Bell-Drummond1028500133.8
Grant Stewart10551110.55127.91
Marcus O'Riordan1010156.17153.03
Tawanda Muyeye1011200125.84
Matt Parkinson91117.433.33
Matthew Quinn9158.89100
Xavier Bartlett83198.9788.57
Beyers Swanepoel61759.3580.95
Harry Finch512200116.19
Nathan Gilchrist53910.7733.33
Wes Agar4049.310
Feroze Khushi23500166.67
Tom Stewart Rogers21507187.5
Charles Stobo101120

ESS players record against KET in their last ten matches.

PlayerMatchesRunsWktAvg ECOAvg SR
Simon Harmer994127.46170.91
Paul Walter915436.87148.08
Michael-Kyle Pepper817500152.17
Samuel Cook61878.11120
Matt Critchley514667.87130.36
Daniel Sams42359.0685.19
Tom Westley45800152.63
Shane Snater317410.3154.55
Ben Allison3047.580
Adam Rossington34100141.38
Robin Das22100150
Dean Elgar170063.64
Jordan Cox12600325
Jamie Porter100180
Aaron Beard1008.70
Luc Benkenstein100110
Charlie Allison1100100

KET players record against ESS in their last ten matches.

PlayerMatchesRunsWktAvg ECOAvg SR
Daniel Bell-Drummond937600156.02
Jack Leaning812943.69131.63
Fred Klaassen73107.71150
Grant Stewart75667.89169.7
Joe Denly6189211.78148.82
Sam Billings612500148.81
Zak Crawley620900148.23
Tawanda Muyeye44600104.55
Joey Evison2708.2563.64
Xavier Bartlett16110.3375
Wes Agar1027.50
Matt Parkinson10170
Beyers Swanepoel12010.850
Matthew Quinn10011.50
Marcus O'Riordan12008166.67
Harry Finch12400109.09
Nathan Gilchrist10315.330

Essex Team player Stats at County Ground, Chelmsford.

PlayerMatchesRunsWktAvg ECOAvg SR
Shane Snater104288.47102.44
Daniel Sams10132157.96173.68
Simon Harmer105778.87154.05
Michael-Kyle Pepper1043700194.22
Paul Walter10163107.99171.58
Samuel Cook102158.57200
Matt Critchley10165128.06127.91
Ben Allison912811.05150
Adam Rossington919800178.38
Tom Westley813700129.25
Aaron Beard510610.23111.11
Robin Das510200178.95
Dean Elgar416000139.13
Jordan Cox47000184.21
Luc Benkenstein447110.57167.86
Jamie Porter30112.330
Charlie Allison10000

Kent Team player stats at County Ground, Chelmsford

PlayerMatchesRunsWktAvg ECOAvg SR
Daniel Bell-Drummond415700150.96
Grant Stewart41248.41100
Joe Denly314016197.18
Sam Billings3210095.45
Jack Leaning31411.3393.33
Tawanda Muyeye3470095.92
Fred Klaassen2127100
Zak Crawley26900172.5
Joey Evison21306.75130
Xavier Bartlett1417.38200
Wes Agar1027.50
Matt Parkinson1046.250
Beyers Swanepoel1415.5200
Marcus O'Riordan11329.33216.67

Essex vs  Kent – Fantasy Analysis, Top Batter Top Bowler Avg Fpts

Essex Team :

PlayerAvg Pts1st Inn2nd InnIn DT
P Walter6358677
N Thain5871442
M Pepper5529816
B Allison5123795
M Critchley4937627
D Elgar4451385
A Rossington4137457
D Sams4123696
E Bosch4143376
J Richards3735392
J Cox3536335
S Snater3025364
J Porter3037262
T Westley3035223
S Harmer2916345
L Benkenstein2625264
R Das2433111
S Cook2215333
A Beard2022173
C Allison8-80

Kent Team :

PlayerAvg Pts1st Inn2nd InnIn DT
S Billings5236777
N Gilchrist4955404
D Bell-Drummond4560226
F Klaassen4362386
B Swanepoel4343425
J Denly4138476
W Agar4135474
G Stewart4137446
X Bartlett3842324
M Parkinson3730523
J Evison3635375
C Stobo33-332
M O'Riordan3235285
H Finch3253203
T Stewart Rogers2915431
J Leaning295385
F Khushi2824353
Z Crawley2430174
H Qadri22-221
M Cohen202721
M Quinn2022182
T Muyeye1917231

Essex (ESS) vs Kent (KET), English T20 Blast 2024 – Match Details

Match ESS vs KET, English T20 Blast 2024
Date 11th July 2024
Time 11:30 PM IST
Venue County Ground, Chelmsford
Live Stream Fancode App/Web
Live Score Myfinal11 (ESS vs KET )

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