MCA T10 Super Series Live Score, Matches, scorecard, results, points table & squad

MCA T10 Super Series Live score Match Results, Points Table, Team Squad, Dream11 Match Prediction – MCA T10 Super Series Live Cricket Score & MCA T10 Super Series Live Streaming – Match Highlight with myfinal11 – Total four teams participating in this league and start from 22 – 26 November 2021 as per schedule under Malaysian Cricket and here we will provide you live cricket score of MCA T10 Super Series Live matches with daily match prediction Dream11 fantasy Cricket Team.

MCA T10 Super Series Live Cricket Score, Match Schedule, Results, Ball by Ball Commentary

MCA T10 Super Series | Match Schedule

MCA T10 Super Series Live Score, Points Table, Fixture | MCA T10 Super Series Live Cricket Score

MCA T10 Super Series | Points Table

MCA T10 Super Series | Team Stats

MCA T10 Super Series Live Score, Player Record & Team Stats | MCA T10 Super Series Live Cricket Score

Southern Hitters Team Player Stats, Record [MALAYSIAN T20 LEAGUE / 14 SEP – 20 NOV, 2021]


Syed Aziz772956942.14187157.7531137
Ainool Hafizs7711354922.50108125.0059
Mohammed Imam Jawfer6611124522.4070160.0068
Nitheesh Sethumadhavan44803820.0067119.4046
Harinderjit Singh Sekhon441682822.6767101.4921
Muhammad Ramli44673116.7564104.6925
Wan Amirul42342117.004870.832
Anwar Rahman76328159.333190.3211
Mas Elysa532251125.002889.293
Asby Tan Haris331163.672740.74


Anwar Rahman7727.3182154/1412.136.6211.0011
Vijay Unni6624.020472/3129.148.5020.57
Syed Aziz7414.412762/2421.178.6614.67
Md Sulaiman5413.010641/1026.508.1519.50
Zahid Fazal339.08131/1427.009.0018.00
Saleh Shadman327.06821/3334.009.7121.00
Asby Tan Haris3310.08721/1043.508.7030.00
Ainool Hafizs745.05011/1050.0010.0030.00

Northern Strikers Team Player Stats, Record [MALAYSIAN T20 LEAGUE / 14 SEP – 20 NOV, 2021]


Virandeep Singh8822786546.33213130.523925
Bhushan Vilas Save5511457836.2571204.2311310
Aimal Khan8621145228.5087131.031311
Aminuddin Ramly8658389.6751113.7352
Shankar Sathish87155199.176485.9434
Syazrul Idrus841451915.0029155.174
Mohammad Hakim Harisan44411310.255969.493
Ainool Haqqiem74402510.005080.0011
Ariff Jamaluddin21232323.0019121.053
Anas Malik55122115.5022100.00


Syazrul Idrus8829.0174163/1410.886.0010.882
Aimal Khan8829.4177144/1412.645.9712.7111
Pavandeep Singh8832.0171124/1414.255.3416.0022
Virandeep Singh8828.1188102/3218.806.6716.90
Amir Khan3312.08753/1917.407.2514.40
Wahib Zada212.01622/
Anas Malik525.04522/3422.509.0015.00
Shakti Singh – I111.01011/1010.0010.006.00
Neville Liyanage114.02711/2727.006.7524.00
Shankar Sathish824.04811/3148.0012.0024.00

Western Warriors Team Player Stats, Record [MALAYSIAN T20 LEAGUE / 14 SEP – 20 NOV, 2021]


Sharvin Muniandy992716830.11211128.4421120
Dhivendran Mogan9922485735.43164151.2221315
Shafiq Sharif4411446248.0080180.0021110
Zubaidi Zulkifle33945331.3348195.83178
Raj Kumar Rajendran881903712.8659152.5476
Syed Rehmanatullah66863114.3380107.5019
Ahmad Zubaidi66853314.1765130.77211
Abdul Rashid Ahad975842842.0073115.0711
Muhammad Amir Azim64622915.5047131.9144
Saifullah Malik44523013.005398.111


Dhivendran Mogan9927.122593/1125.008.2818.11
Raj Kumar Rajendran8618.417983/3322.389.5914.00
Muhammad Amir Azim6621.016372/2423.297.7618.00
Abdul Rashid Ahad9922.018762/2731.178.5022.00
Rizwan Haider4412.08253/1716.406.8314.40
Suharril Fetri6620.515752/1331.407.5425.00
Haiqal Khair4414.011442/3428.508.1421.00
Sharvin Muniandy946.36932/2023.0010.6213.00
Sachinu Hettige5310.010422/3552.0010.4030.00
Faiz Nasir214.03011/3030.007.5024.00

Central Smashers Team Player Stats, Record [MALAYSIAN T20 LEAGUE / 14 SEP – 20 NOV, 2021]


Ahmad Faiz7711939532.17135142.961919
Anwar Arudin661536925.5088173.861158
Ammar Hazalan8811373519.5784163.10613
Alam Saif5411106936.6792119.571210
Ajeb Khan651953923.7569137.6867
Muhammad Wafiq Zarbani652582319.3338152.6354
Nazril Rahman7755237.8647117.0233
Fitri Sham66139157.8036108.3322
Azman Ahmad11353535.004676.091
Unni Pravan Namit21272727.004165.85


Muhammad Wafiq Zarbani6621.0142134/1310.926.769.691
Lokman Nur Hakim Sahar6619.116193/517.898.4012.78
Fitri Sham6622.316272/1323.147.2019.29
Ajeb Khan6511.49554/2619.008.1414.001
Nazril Rahman7619.016352/632.608.5822.80
Amirul Syahmi4413.010343/2825.757.9219.50
Arif Ullah227.08832/5429.3312.5714.00
Muhammad Shahid Bin Adzli4411.513032/1143.3310.9923.671
Ahmad Faiz737.05722/3828.508.1421.00
Akbar Ali114.03311/3333.008.2524.00

MCA T10 Super Series Team Squad – Live Cricket Score, Fixture, Points Table & Dream11 Prediction

MCA T10 Super Series | Team Squad

Southern Hitters Team Squad

Mohammad Hakim Harisan, Arief Yusof, Azman Ahmad, Muhammad Hasif, Shankar Sathish, Ainool Hafizs, Syed Aziz, Dhivendran Mogan, Muhammad Ramli, Faiz Nasir, Muhammad Shahid Bin Adzli, Muhammad Luqman Nur, Anwar Rahman, Muhammad Irfan Ashri, Muhammad Khairullah

Western Warriors Team Squad

Harinderjit Singh Sekhon, Wan Muhammad, Aslam Khan-Bin-Malik, Amirul Syahmi, Daniyal Hashmi, Muhammad Nur Ainol, Amir Khan Malik, Sharvin Muniandy, Muhammad Amir Azim, Abdul Rashid Ahad, Mohammad Haziq Aiman, Vijay Unni, Sachinu Hettige, Asby Tan Haris

Northern Strikers Team Squad

Ainool Haqqiem, Wan Amirul, Aminuddin Ramly, Sharveen Surendran, Arjoon Thillainathan, Roshan Singh, Virandeep Singh, Aimal Khan, Muhammad Faiz-Haikal, Pavandeep Singh, Syazrul Idrus, Haiqal Khair, Wahib Zada, Muhammad Gulraiz

Central Smashers Team Squad

Ammar Hazalan, Ahmad Faiz, Saifullah Malik, Zubaidi Zulkifle, Ammar Uzair Fikri, Lokman Nur Hakim Sahar, Fitri Sham, Norwira Zazmie, Firdaus Asri, Muhammad Afif Harith, Zulamry Mohdin, Muhammad Wafiq Zarbani, Ahmad Akmal Alif Bin-Zainal, Ajeb Khan, Ahmad Tajri


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