‘Pakistan does not need any enemy, because it…’, Wasim Akram bursts out in anger!

Wasim Akram's Harsh Critique on Pakistan's T20 World Cup Performance
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Wasim Akram’s Harsh Critique on Pakistan’s T20 World Cup Performance

Pakistan once again lost to India in the T20 World Cup. Team India won the match by six runs in the last over. Jasprit Bumrah took three wickets in an amazing performance for India. Former Pakistan player Wasim Akram expressed his anger as the Indian team threw grass in Pakistan’s mouth. He criticized the players along with the Pakistan team management.

While analyzing the match on ‘Star Sports’, Wasim Akram gave his team a home win. He said that Pakistan team players have been playing cricket for the last 10 years. So I can’t teach them. Does Mohammad Rizwan know nothing about sports? He should have understood that Jasprit Bumrah was brought to bowl only to get a victim. He should have been careful then. But, Rizwan returned to the tent with a loud bang. Iftikhar Ahmed also did the same.

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Tactical Errors and Lack of Strategy:

Wasim Akram’s anger as well as these are players who don’t talk much with each other. This is international cricket and you are playing for your country. Time to get these players home. Pakistan players do not need an enemy. Because they are their enemies. Pakistan batsmen had a lot of time to beat India but they failed. When you are chasing a 120-run challenge, there is a need to rotate the strike. In such a case, one can try to hit a big shot on a bad ball. But, Wasim Akram also said that the Pakistani team had to accept the defeat as they did not have any strategy.

Implications of the Defeat and Future Challenges

India’s victory marked their second consecutive win in the tournament, while Pakistan faced their second defeat, having previously lost to the host USA in the opening match. Akram’s critique extended beyond individual performances to the team’s overall mentality and communication, suggesting that the players did not function cohesively as an international team should. He asserted that the Pakistani players are often their own worst enemies due to a lack of strategic execution and internal communication.

With this defeat, Pakistan’s path to the Super 8 has become arduous, relying not only on their performances but also on the outcomes of other teams’ matches. The Indian team, on the other hand, continued their winning streak by defeating Ireland, reinforcing their strong position in the tournament. For Pakistan, significant improvements and a change in approach are imperative to advance further in the competition.

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