MA vs AMO Live Score, Mis Ainak Region vs Amo Region Live Cricket Score, 20th T20 Match, Afghanistan National T20, 2024

MA vs AMO Live Score: Mis Ainak Region (MA) is set to take on Amo Region (AMO) on 11th May 2024 at Kabul International Cricket Stadium, Kabul. If you are looking for today’s MA vs AMO live cricket score, then you are in the right place. The 20th T20 Match of Afghanistan National T20, 2024 Live scorecard of Mis Ainak Region vs Amo Region with a Match report, ball-by-ball commentary, & highlights of Mis Ainak Region vs Amo Region Match details, Match preview, points table position.

MA vs AMO scorecard of Recent 5 Matches

MA vs AMO Live Score & Match Details:

MatchMis Ainak Region vs Amo Region, Afghanistan National T20, 2024
Date11th May 2024
Time02:45 PM IST
VenueKabul International Cricket Stadium, Kabul

Afghanistan National T20 2024, Live Points Table Updates

The points table of Afghanistan National T20 2024 Detailed table of matches played, matches won, matches lost, and Net run-rate & team form

Afghanistan National T20

Band-e-Amir RegionBD85211
Mis Ainak RegionMAK85211
Boost RegionBR8448
Amo RegionAM8255
Speen Ghar RegionSG8255

Mis Ainak Region vs Amo Region Live Match Preview:

Mis Ainak Region Match Preview:

The Mis Ainak Regionn team arrived here after winning the last match against Speen Ghar Region by 1 wickets. Their top performers in that match were – Afsar Zazai, who scored 54 runs in 41 balls, and Mehboob Taskin, who scored 22 runs in 26 balls. 

In bowling, Ziaur Rahman Sharifi  took 2 wickets for Mis Ainak Regionn. 

Mis Ainak Regionn is in 2nd place in the points table with 3 wins and 2 losses from 7 matches.

Key Players

Ibrahim Zadran – 196 runs in 6 innings at an Avg. of 32.67 and SR of 123.27

Afsar Zazai –  159 runs in 6 innings at an Avg. of 31.80 and SR of 106.71

Wahidullah Zadran – 10 wickets in 6 matches at an economy rate of 5.52

Ziaur Rahman Sharifi – 6 wickets at an economy rate of 6.50

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Amo Region Match Preview:

The Amo Region team arrived here after wining the last match against Band-e-Amir Region by 10 runs. Their top performers in that match were Wasim Akram, who scored 51 runs off 33 balls, and Mohammad Ishaq, who scored 30 runs off 16 balls.

In bowling, Izharulhaq Naveed took 4 wickets and Mohammad Gul Alizai, Sharafuddin Ashraf took 1 wicket each for Amo Region. 

Amo Region is in 3rd place in the points table with 2 wins and 3 losses from 7 matches.

Key Players

Wasim Akram – 216 runs in 6 innings at an Avg. of 36.00 and SR of 144.97

Tariq Stanikzai – 120 runs in 5 innings at an Avg. of 30.00 and SR of 166.67

Izharulhaq Naveed – 11 wickets in 6 matches at an economy rate of 7.33

Sharafuddin Ashraf – 9 wickets in 7 matches at an economy rate of 6.26

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Probable MA vs AMO Live Playing 11 Updates

Mis Ainak Region (Probable XI)

  1. Afsar Zazai (WK) – 43.17 Avg.Points
  2. Mehboob Taskin – 40.4 Avg.Points
  3. Ibrahim Zadran – 55.17 Avg.Points
  4. Barakatullah Ibrahimzai – 12.5 Avg.Points
  5. Naveed Obaid – 32.2 Avg.Points
  6. Emal Shaheen – 2 Avg.Points
  7. Mohammad Riaz – 65.67 Avg.Points
  8. Mohammad Younus Zadran – 35 Avg.Points
  9. Ziaur Rahman Sharifi – 55.75 Avg.Points
  10. Yama Arab – 23 Avg.Points
  11. Wahidullah Zadran – 51.6 Avg.Points
  12. Haqmal Arya – 37 Avg.Points

Mis Ainak Region Team News

The top-order batters are Ibrahim Zadran, Naveed Obaid and Mehboob Taskin

Afsar Zazai, Barakatullah Ibrahimzai, Emal Shaheen and Mohammad Riaz will handle the middle-order batting.

In the bowling department, Yama Arab, Wahidullah Zadran, Ziaur Rahman Sharifi, Mohammad Younus Zadran and Mohammad Riaz are responsible for taking wickets.

Amo Region (Probable XI) & Avg. Points./Match

  1. Mohammad Ishaq (WK) – 63 Avg.Points
  2. Darwish Rasooli – 42 Avg.Points
  3. Wasim Akram – 67 Avg.Points
  4. Faisal Khan Baraki – 38 Avg.Points
  5. Ijaz Ahmadzai – 19.6 Avg.Points
  6. Sharafuddin Ashraf – 79.4 Avg.Points
  7. Tariq Stanikzai – 40.2 Avg.Points
  8. Zahir Khan – 38.4 Avg.Points
  9. Mohammad Gul Alizai – 28.25 Avg.Points
  10. Kamil Kakar – 2 Avg.Points
  11. Izharulhaq Naveed – 71.4 Avg.Points
  12. Mujeeb Zadran – 23.33 Avg.Points

Amo Region Team News

Wasim Akram, Faisal Khan Baraki and Sharafuddin Ashraf are the top-order batters.

Darwish Rasooli, Mohammad Ishaq, Tariq Stanikzai and Ijaz Ahmadzai will handle the middle-order batting.

While in the bowling department, Sharafuddin Ashraf, Mohammad Gul Alizai, Kamil Kakar, Mujeeb Zadran, Zahir Khan and Izharulhaq Naveed Arya have duties to take wickets

Mis Ainak Regionn Squad Team Player Stats, Record Afghanistan National T20 2024


1. Ibrahim Zadran661966532.67159123.272619
2. Afsar Zazai6611595531.80149106.712612
3. Mehboob Taskin5521385846.00132104.551112
4. Naveed Obaid551087321.60101106.931311
5. Juma Gul431452022.5043104.6523
6. Mohammad Riaz331312315.5018172.2222
7. Haqmal Arya55228199.333677.781
8. Barakatullah Ibrahimzai4218179.001994.742
9. Dawlat Zadran42216810160.0012
10. Rahmanullah Zadran2215147.501693.751


1. Wahidullah Zadran6623127102/1212.705.5213.801
2. Ziaur Rahman Sharifi441610463/2717.336.5016.00
3. Yama Arab551917652/5135.209.2622.80
4. Mohammad Riaz33124442/1411.003.6718.00
5. Haqmal Arya5383542/88.754.3812.00
6. Khalil Gurbaz2284732/2015.675.8816.00
7. Mohammad Younus Zadran43107632/2225.337.6020.00
8. Dawlat Zadran441613832/4346.008.6332.00
9. Nasim Mangal1142222/2211.005.5012.00
10. Juma Gul4241911/519.004.7524.00

Amo Region Squad Team Player Stats, Record Afghanistan National T20 2024


1. Wasim Akram762165136.00149144.9721317
2. Tariq Stanikzai5511205130.0072166.671711
3. Sharafuddin Ashraf761096618.1773149.32179
4. Allah Noor651023420.4084121.4365
5. Hayatullah Nasiri442723236.0057126.3237
6. Subhanullah Sinzai22623831.0050124.0026
7. Ijaz Ahmadzai762452711.2537121.6223
8. Faisal Khan Baraki22392619.5026150.007
9. Mohammad Ishaq11303030.0016187.5023
10. Ijaz Ahmad Mehri21292929.003485.294


1. Izharulhaq Naveed7621154114/1214.007.3311.4511
2. Sharafuddin Ashraf771911994/2013.226.2612.6711
3. Zahir Khan7620.418064/730.008.7120.671
4. Mohammad Gul Alizai661815242/1938.008.4427.00
5. Mujeeb Zadran446.36122/2030.509.3819.50
6. Amanullah Kunani331212221/4161.0010.1736.00
7. Lalbaz Sinzai3376811/3168.009.7142.00

MA vs AMO Dream11 Match Prediction

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